Tudor Politics

Write the opposing views and answer the questions you were challenged with!

So, if you were on the Henry VIII side, you need to answer the Popes questions and if you wrote for the Pope, you need to answer Henry VIII’s questions.



2 thoughts on “Tudor Politics

  1. Henry can not get divorced because it is the wrong thing to get divorced.You can not have a divorce because you can not get divorced by just separating,the pope gets people divorced so you can separate forever.The pope is closest to God,somebody who is close to God is always going to be right and I don’t care if you are the King I am the pope the head of the church.I am a religious person and you are not by having a divorce.

  2. He should not be devorsed because I am the pope and I know whats write and whats wrong.what are you going to do?.I know what to do and know one can boss me around.He can not devors.

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