4 Red  this half term you are learning about terrific Tudors. Below are some outstanding examples of your work. Miss Ahmed and myself are very impressed with your presentation and the quality of your work!
Now you have an opportunity to share your learning with everyone.

What do you know about King Henry VIII’s wives?

Was King Henry VIII a fair husband? Please explain.

How was the Battle of Bosworth significant to Tudors?

How did Henry Tudor  become a  king?



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  1. I know that King Henry VIII had six wives and only one survived. Two divorced two beheaded one died,and only one survived (according to him). Henry wasn’t a fair husband but if he hadn’t divorced Catherine of Aragon then the Tudor reign would end because there would be no more Tudors after Henry and Catherine. The Battle of Bossworth was significant to the Tudors because Henry married Elizibeth of York which united the York and Lancester family. He became King when his father died and if Henry Tudor didn’t marr Elizibeth of York he wouldn’t be King which meant Henry VIII wouldn’t be a king eather!

  2. 1. There was a little rhyme I learned about his wife which is 2 were beheaded 2 divorced one died and one survived.
    2.he was not fair because he had no respect for other people.
    3. The Battle of Bosworth is a significany to the Tudors because this was the the time Henry Tudor got married to Elizabeth of York.

  3. 1) I know that king Henry VIII had three wives named Katherine.
    2) King Henry VIII wasn’t a fair king because he married 6 wives but he had to marry one.
    3) The battle of bosworth is significant to Tudors because the house of Lancaster and the house of York fought in the field of Bosworth.
    4) Henry Tudor became king when Richard II died in the battle of Bosworth.

  4. 1)I have learnt the rhymes of the sixth wives which is divorced beheaded died divorced beheaded suvive.
    2)I think king henry VIII is not a fair huaband because he’s treating his wives like slaves.
    3)Battle of bosworth is significance to the Tudors because the
    house of Lancaster and the house yorks kings fought in Bosworth.
    4)Henry Tudor became king when he defeated king Richard VII and he took over the throne.

  5. 1)I know that the two were beheaded, two were divorced,one died and one survived.
    2)King Henry VIII was not fair because he put pressure on his wives and wanted to have a son rule next.
    3) The Battle of Bosworth is significant to the Tudors because Henry Tudor married Elizabeth of York.
    4) Henry Tudor became king when he won the throne from King Richard VII from the battle of Bosworth.

  6. Fantastic examples from your learning this half term!
    I must say I am so proud of you all, YOUR work, YOUR presentation, YOUR attitude has improved so much and great progress is being made in 4 Red!
    You have definitely transformed from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY.

    *High five*

    Can’t wait to read all the interesting and amusing facts you have to share about King Henry VIII :)

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