Tuesday 12th May- 3B Home Learning-Topic: To understand the process of mummification

Hi Year 3,

Today in topic we are going to look at the Ancient Egyptian ritual of mummification.

What is a mummy?

Who were mummies?

To get started listen to the song below as it explains mummification!

So mummification involves wrapping a corpse (dead body) up , after having taken out their internal organs.

But why did the Ancient Egyptians do this?

Watch the clip below to find out more about the mummification process in a bit more detail.

The process of mummification was a ritual that had to be performed a certain way.

Today you only need to choose one challenge. Please make sure you are not taking the easiest or quickest option but one that challenges you but you are also comfortable completing.

Complete all today’s learning in your homework books or a piece of paper please. Then comment on the blog by telling us your first and last step of the instructions you have written out.

We are going to write a set of instructions for ‘How to make a mummy.’

Here is a reminder of the key features of an instruction text and some word mats to help you with today’s writing.

Here are the spellings of some key words you will need to use in your writing.

As always we would like you to send a picture of your work to: y3upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk


Correctly order the steps of mummification as an instruction text.


Using the images below, write a set of instructions of how to make a mummy.


Write down a set of instructions on how to make a mummy. Use the clips above or the following websites to help you.


How to Make a Mummy!

And just to finish off, another song about mummification…

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  1. A mummy is a dead person who has been preserved.
    Mummies were pharaohs and people who could afford it.

    How to make a mummy.
    First we wash the body. Then a hook is used to get the brain out and the stomach is cut to take the intestines and organs out, but the heart is not taken out. They are all put into a canopic jar. The body is covered with natron salt and after 40 days they remove the salt and fill the body with straw, dried grass or linen.
    Make up is put on to make the body look nice. The body is then wrapped in linin and amulets and a book of dead Is wrapped with it.
    Finally the mummy is put into a sarcophagus and moved to the pyramid.

  2. Mumifacation was normally done to a important person in Egypt like a pharouh king or queen
    What is a mummie?
    A mummy us a person who has been Preserved from death.
    Who were mummies?
    A mummie was a pharoah king or queen
    How to make a mummie instuructions
    1. Wash the body with palm oil and water from the lake
    2.pull out the brain with a metal stick from the nose
    3. Cut out all the veins and intestines from the Body
    4. Cover the body with matron salt and leave it to dry for 40 days
    5. After the 40 days remove the natron and pack the body with straw dried grass or lilen
    6.wrap the in like me fabric adding amulets and the book of the dead
    7. Apply make up , fake eyes and hair
    8. Finallyplace the mummy in a sarcogagus and Move to the pyramid

  3. 1.The body was washed and purified.
    2.Organs were removed.Only the heart remained.
    3.The body was filled with stuffing.
    4.The body was dried by covering it with a substance called natron*.This substance absorbed all the moisture from the body.
    5.After 40-50 days the stuffing was removed and replaced with linen or sawdust.
    6.The body was wrapped in strands of linen and covered in a sheet called a shroud.
    7.The body was placed in a stone coffin called a sarcophagus.

  4. Gold
    How to make a mummy.
    What you will need list:
    •Fabric or Egyptian fabric
    •Long metal hook
    •Piece of obsidian (volcanic glass)
    •Canopic jars
    •Heart scallob

    The reason for mummification was the Egyptian’s believed that when you die your sole stays alive and travels to the afterlife, which is like a heaven and you, can live forever. But your sole can return back to your body and they wanted to have their bodies looking good. They had to find a way to look after their bodies in such a way that the hot climate would not rot their bodies.
    Mummification took 70 days and was done in several stages.

    1. Before the embalming process can begin, the body is washed in water from the Nile and palm wine. This was to purify the body.
    2. Then the Egyptians start of by taking out the insides. Starting with the brain using a metal hook through the nose and swirled it around. Then the brain would come out the nose like a pink slime.
    3. Next they would use a piece of obsidian and make a cut on the lower left side of the body and pull out all the internal organs. These were put separately into jars called Conopic Jars. The only organ thing they would leave inside the body was the heart. (the Egyptians believed that the heart was like the brain where it can think feel and store all the learning and memories).
    4. Next they used a sault called Natron to dry out the body.
    5.The bodies were then stuffed with either linen or sawdust.
    6.Next Amulets was carefully placed on the body; some had spells on them for their dangerous journey to the afterlife. There was also a Heart scallob, which had a spell to stop any false judgment when you were being judged into the afterlife. The Egyptian goods would judge you if you were good or bad and if you were good they will send you to a good place and if you were bad you would go to a bad place.
    7.Then the body would be wrapped in linen, which was about 200 meters long. And then placed in their coffins and then taken into their tombs.

  5. How to make a mummy!

    1) First, you have to lay the king on a table and pull his brain out with a wire through his nose.

    2) Then, you take out his guts, lungs, stomach and liver and put them into 4 jars so they do not rot.

    3) Next, you have to sprinkle salt onto the body and leave it there for 40 days until it mummifies.

    4) After 40 days, bandage up the body and leave a gap for the mouth and fake eyes.

    5) In his coffin, lay out prayers in scrolls that will guard him on his journey.

    6) Pack his tomb with wealth which he’ll need for his health.

    7) Finally, protect he mummy because it might get stolen. Build a pyramid and put him in the middle.

  6. 1. A mummy is a dead human or an animal whose skin and organs have been preserved by exposure to chemicals, then extreme cold, very low humidity, or lack of air, so that the body does not decay.

    2. Mummies were often members or royal families or important people, and some of there slaves and servants and animals. They were often found in pyramids in Egypt, but also in many other parts of the world. The Spirit Cave mummies of Fallon, in Nevada North America have been dated at more than 9400 years old, which is before the time of the ancient Egyptians.

    3. The ancient Egyptians used the process of mummification to preserve the bodies of the pharaohs so they could continue with there journey in the afterlife. Egyptians believed in life after death, they believed that bodies had to be preserved to continue in the afterlife, this was a very expensive process, which only the rich could afford.

    How to make a Mummy
    1. We shall begin, first of all wash the dead pharaoh with wine and water of the Nile, make a cut to the side of his belly and pull out all the organs. Shove a long hook up the nostril first left then right, jiggle it about and pull out this useless organ the brain and chuck it away,
    2. Clean the liver, lungs, intestines and stomach, then pop them all in four separate canopic jars, whose lids resemble the gods that will guard them. Do not forget the heart make sure you pop it back in the body, though, as it’s the centre of intelligence.
    3. Using a special Egyptian salt called natron , fill up the cavity and cover the entire body. This will help to get rid of all the moisture. Leave it for 40 days and 40 nights to dry.
    4. Next, scoop out all the natron and stuff the body with spices, rags and plants so it doesn’t fall apart or lose its shape.
    5. Wrap up the body in the finest linen bandages, don’t forget to tuck in some lucky amulets, utter and mutter spells to activate there magical powers. When the wrapping is all done put the mummy in a coffin. Then put that coffin in another coffin, and that in another one and so on. Then place the whole lot in a tomb.
    6. Oh no, what the heck, I forgot to put on the mummies jewellery, the necklace and Scarb amulet to keep quiet the heart, here we go one coffin, out then the other then other and eventually we’ve got to him, place on the jewels and let’s get him packed up again.
    7 . I’m tired already and this is just the beginning, I’ve got the servants to do yet and the cats, and the Falcon, and we have to drag in all the vats of seeds, spices, fruits, wine and gold coins and flowers too.
    What a day, quick I better hide before I am bundled in and left to die to serve my master in the afterlife.

  7. A mummy is the body of a person that has been preserved after death.
    Mummy’s were often pharaohs they where Egyptians who could afford for the expensive process of preserving their bodies for the afterlife.
    Egyptians mummified rich people to preserve their body for their beliefs.
    1. The preserved person was first washed with water so it could be perified.
    7. Lastly they were placed into there tombs with expensive items and taken to their pyramid yo be buried in there.

  8. Gold
    1. Wash the body with palm oil and water from the Nile.
    2. Make a cut on the left side of the body to remove the organs. Remove all the organs except the heart.
    3. Let the organs dry and put them into canopic jars.
    4. Rinse the body with wine and cover with natron for 70 days.
    5. After 40 days stuff the body with linen or sand.
    6. After 30 more days remove the stuffing and cover the body with bandages from head to toe.
    7.The body was put into a sarcophagus.

  9. How to make a mummy.

    Have you ever wanted to make a mummy? If so follow these instructions.

    What you will need:
    A dead body, canopic jars, natron, palm oil and water from the River Nile, linen, amulets, book of the dead, make up, fake eye and hair, resin, hook and knife.

    1. Gently wash the body with palm oil and fresh water from the River Nile.

    2. Next, vigorously use a hook to pull out the brains through nostrils. After that fill the skull with resin.

    3. Then cut out the organs expect for the heart because it is the centre of intelligence and emotion. Put the liver, lungs, intestines and stomach into canopic jars.

    4. Cover the clean body with natron salt and leave it for 40 days to dry out.

    5. After the 40 days remove the natron salt and carefully pack the body with straw or linen.

    6. Slowly wrap the body in linen fabric and add amulets with the Book of Dead.

    7. Creatively apply make up, fake eyes and hair to make the mummy look beautiful.

    8. Finally, place the mum carefully into a sarcophagus and move into the pyramid.

  10. Home learning

    What is a mummy?

    A mummy is a body of a person that has been preserved after death.

    Who were mummies?

    Mummies were normally king, queen or pharaohs. They were preserved for the after life and normal had all the belongs buried with them.

    Why did the ancient Egyptians do this?

    They did this to protect the dead, and preserve them for the afterlife. They had there body parts and other important artefact buried with them like book of the dead, gold, food and there body parts.

    How to make a mummy (silver challenge)

    Firstly, you need to wash the body, with the palm oil and the water from the Nile river.

    You have to remove, the brain through the nostril with a sharp pointed hook. You must fill the skill with the sawdust or resin.

    You have to cut out all the internal body parts, expect the heart. The heart, liver, intestine and stomach into large canopic jars to dry out.

    They cover the dead body with natron salt, and leave it to dry out for 40 days.

    After the 40 day ritual, they remove the natron and pack the body with straw, dried grass and wrap it 200 metre long linen cloth.

    We need to apply make up, fake eyes and hair to make it look beautiful in the after life.

    You must then wrap the body fro head to toe in line fabric, add amulets and the book of dead with the body.

    Finally, they place the mummy in a sarcophagus and move it to its final resting place the pyramid tombs.

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