Tuesday 14th July- Year 5 Home Learning: Topic

Good morning Year 5!

Welcome to your final Ancient Greek topic lesson of Year 5!

Today, you will need to take part in your own olympic event. You need to choose an event from the plan you made of your own Olympic Games last week, set it up in your garden (so probably best not to do javelin or hammer throw!) and have a go at it!

Take part with your family if they want to try and beat you- I doubt they will though!

And remember to take photographs of you taking part and email them to us! y5upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

Extension Task- Write your own sports commentary describing your event as if it were being shown on the TV. Below is an example commentary for you to use as inspiration.

13 thoughts on “Tuesday 14th July- Year 5 Home Learning: Topic

  1. The I’m gonna make Is called fetch ball, It’s like basket ball but the ball Is different and the hoops is different, the hoop is questions which ever question It lands on you have answer with the honest truth and If you don’t then you are disqualified for the next 2 rounds and you have to shoot with a tennis ball.

  2. My game is climbing wall.
    It’s a game that you have a timer and you have to climb up and down as fast as you can in the time that you’ve got.
    My game is called Climbing wall.
    How do you play it ?
    You play it Like this
    So you have wall that you have to climb up and down in the time you’ve got.
    The rules are
    You can not cheat you can use both hands and one foot, you have a timer for how long you get to climb for but you have to do 2 laps before the time ends.
    It is suitable for the olympics because you get to beat your score if you practise.

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