Tuesday 16th June- Year 5 Home Learning: Science

Good morning Year 5,

Your Science learning today takes place on Learning by Questions. As always, log in to LbQ using your class’ code below.

When you have completed the task, post a comment to tell us 2 things you learnt from it.

5 White= ayp

5 Red= kwy

5 Blue= uuf

79 thoughts on “Tuesday 16th June- Year 5 Home Learning: Science

  1. I got 17/23.
    Here are 2 things you learnt from the tasks:
    1. Mass is the amount of matter an object contains.
    2. Even though an object might look bigger, the heavier object always includes more mass.
    3. I thought weight was measured in kg and grams when the lbq told me it was measured in (n) newtons.

  2. I have done the tasks on lbq .three things I have learnt are:

    • Mass is a measure of how much matter an object contains
    • gravity is a non-contact force which means it can affectan object from a distance.
    • weight is a measure of the force of gravity acting on the mass of an object and is measured in kilograms

  3. I have done the task and I learnt that any object that is for example 34kg and it is on Earth it will be the same on the Moon because the I next will stay the same so it would be 34kg on the Moon and on Earth

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