Tuesday 19th May- Year 5 Home Learning: Science

Good morning Year 5!

Your Science learning for today takes place on Learning by Questions. One of the activities you have done before but I want you to recap the key vocabulary involved before completing the second task. This means you also have an opportunity to beat your score from before!

As always, log in using your class’ code below. And tell us when you’ve completed it.

5 White= qhb

5 Red= uxo

5 Blue= zjm

86 thoughts on “Tuesday 19th May- Year 5 Home Learning: Science

    • Question 5 is when water changes from a liquid to a gas – this is called evaporation

      Q6 – when a material can be recovered meaning you can get it back to how it was in its original form – do you think this is Reversible change OR Irreversible change?

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