Tuesday 19th May- Year 5 Reading Comprehension- Mrs Habib’s group

Happy Tuesday, hope that you are all well.

I will be awarding those children that have tried hard really and done their best work on my blogs with a certificate.  

The title of the reading task is called ‘ Kensuke’s Kingdom’  it is on Rising Stars or you can read the extract below and answer the questions on the blog or email them in. However you must answer the questions in full sentences. The following children must  complete this task :

5W – Rehaan, Hasnain, Kiyan, Abdirahman, Hisham, Adela, Harley and Cara

5R- Riqbah, Sarina, Samantha, Saifullah,Imran and Braydon

5B- Damanpreet, Pooja, Ahmed, Ebrahim and Reyan M

Task 2 – Reading.

Now that you are able to read, you might want to think about what you are reading. Of course, the ability to read well and quickly is especially important when it comes to doing research. But don’t forget that reading should also be a pleasure. From myths and legends to modern day fiction, there are so many excellent stories to entertain and delight you. Not every book will be your cup of tea, so it’s fine if you favour a particular type of story. Just remember that a lot of thought has gone into writing it, so enjoy every word.
1. Name two of the different types of fiction mentioned in the text.


  1. Name two of the different types of fiction mentioned in the text.


  1. a) ____________________________ b) _____________________________________


  1. not every book will be your cup of tea

In this context, which words do you think are closest in meaning to your cup of tea?


a hot drink  your preferred choice

well written  a myth or legend


  1. What evidence is there that the author thinks writing books is hard work?



Once you have completed the work, leave a comment on the blog telling me how you got on and I can mark your work. Or you can email your completed comprehension task above.  If you need help let me know via the blog. Thank you.

20 thoughts on “Tuesday 19th May- Year 5 Reading Comprehension- Mrs Habib’s group

  1. 1) Myths And Legends
    2) It Means Not Every Book Will Be good for you.
    3) The Author Says Just Remember That A lot Of thought has gone into this text

    • Hi Abdi. I have checked on Rising Stars and cannot see that you have completed this. Please log in and check. I would like you to do this so that you keep making progress with your work. I will check for your work later to see that this has been completed. Thank you Abdi.

    • Thank you Riqbah, that is super to hear! I am very much looking forward to you completing this. Let me know how you got on with the task. I will check later and mark your work. Thank you.

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