02.06.20- 3R Home Learning- Entrepreneur Week: Eating healthy

Hi year 3,

Today we are going to look at why it is important to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

What is eating healthy and why is it important?

We have already looked at the Eat-well plate and food pyramid during previous lessons.

Can you remember the 5 food groups that we need in our diets?

The video clip below will help you refresh your memory!


But how does the goodness from these food groups help our bodies?

Some foods are bad for us. Bad food choices can have a negative impact on our lives. The clip below explain some of the negatives by making bad food choices.


Please choose ONE of the challenges below.


Click on the link below. Place the food items correctly on the Eat-well plate. How many did you get right out of 20?



Help Alisha and Ronnie make smart choices for the meals throughout the day. Make sure they have a healthy, balanced diet. On the blog, tell us what foods you chose for breakfast, playtime, lunch and dinner.



An activity has been set for you on Purple Mash called ‘Healthy Eating Plan.’ You need to create a plan for your healthy diet and explain why you chose the food item. Include information on what it contains and how that helps your body.

26 thoughts on “02.06.20- 3R Home Learning- Entrepreneur Week: Eating healthy

  1. 1) If you eat healthy you will stay healthy and fit and you be strong.

    2) The 5 food groups were carbohydrates, dairy, sugar, vegetables and fruits.

    3) The 5 food groups help us alot because if we eat them we will become more stronger and you will stay healthy and you’ll get energy.

  2. 1. Eating healthy is following a balancing diet which is eating the 5 food groups. Eat vegetables more than fat and sugar. It is important to eat healthy food to keep our body strong and healthy.

    2. The 5 food groups are Vegetables and fruits, Dairy, protein, carbohydrate, sugar and fats.

    I have completed the silver challenge.
    Breakfast: Cornflakes with milk, banana and orange juice.
    Playtime: digestive biscuit, carrot sticks and grapes.
    Lunch: Pasta and mixed vegetables, yoghurt and pear.
    Dinner: green salad, chicken, rice, peas and fruit salad.

  3. 1.Eating healthy means to have a balanced diet. It is important to make you grow healthy and not get sick.

    2. The five food groups are:
    Fruits and vegetables
    Dairy and alternatives
    Oil and spreads

    3. It helps our body by giving us nutrient to be healthy.

    I have done it on Purple mash.

  4. I have completed silver.
    For breakfast Alisha had orange juice, fruit smoothie and porridge.
    For playtime Alisha had grapes, a fruit scone and a biscuit.
    For lunch Alisha had a pasta salad, a fruit salad, yogurt and chocolate.
    For dinner Alisha had peas, spaghetti, rice and chicken.

  5. Good morning
    I have done “ My Eatwell Challenge “, l have scored 17 from 20.

    We need to eat healthy , a good breakfast is needed because it will give strength and keep you fuelled up till lunch.
    A good diet will give you a source of energy for the day, we need a mixer of protein, carbohydrates , and fat this mixer helps the brain and body.
    It also helps you to grow and the body to repair it self.

  6. Good morning my lovely crew 😍 I hope you all had a lovely break. You will smash this work because I know how amazing you are and I am so proud of you all.
    Why do you think it is important to eat healthy 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔?

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