6 Red-Tuesday 5th May 2020

Hello Six Red and a very good morning to you all. Hope you all had a lovely evening yesterday as the sun was shining in the late afternoon. Please remember to complete the three learning blogs that are uploaded every day. It would be fantastic if you could also email us a photo of any work you complete at home which can then be uploaded onto our year group blog.

Yesterday afternoon Mr Patel kindly read out part one of our class book, Granny by Anthony Horowitz. This brought back many many happy memories of my Nan. I was comparing my Nan to the character description given of the “granny” in this book. Let’s just say my Nan wasn’t anything like the “granny.”

So my thought provoking question for today is :

Is it fun being old?

Please explain your thoughts and perhaps relate your response to your personal experiences of being around older people / grandparents. When I mean older people I am not referring to Mr Patel, Mrs Hurt or myself! I know how some of you think we are old on the contrary we are still young !

30 thoughts on “6 Red-Tuesday 5th May 2020

  1. I don’t think it is fun being old because you have difficulty to do some certain thinks when you get old your body not that much healthy and illness.

  2. I don’t think it is fun being old because you are not as flexible like when you were young. You may have some inguries and you can’t do much.
    I think it is fun being old because everyday you don’t need to do work because you are retired. Unless you love work a lot. You have lots of time to do anything you want.

    Therefore I think it is not fun being old.

  3. No, I do not think it is fun being old because if you are old then you will not be able to play and do some activities that younger people can do. Therefore it might be a little boring and also dangerous because you might catch the Covid-19 and there are risks you will die if you do not wear a mask when going outside as you will not be protected without a mask.

    • It is also bad because you can lose memory and get ill quite easily. It can also be boring because when everyone is working you will be lonely and bored 😐.

      • Thanks for your thoughts Mustafa, perhaps older people won’t feel lonely if their loved ones/ family spend time with them. Maybe it’s something we should all think about, how we can make a difference in the lives of our loved ones who are older than us.

  4. I think it is nice to be old because you get a lot of respect from others for example when an old lady falls you might want to be nice and help her .But sometimes people take advantage of you because they will think an old person can’t do anything to them so they might take advantage of you.

  5. I don’t think it is fun being old because people will just take advantage thinking that just because you’re old then people don’t have to
    I don’t think it is from being old because people will just take advantage thinking that just because your old people think that like what can she or he do e.g steal.When you get to that age I think it would be boring as sometimes parts of your body stop working so other people have to do everything for you

    • Hello Leona, lovely to hear from you. Yes it is difficult to do certain things as you get older however if you lead an active healthy lifestyle whilst you are young you may reduce your chances of being poorly as you get older.

  6. It would be fun to be old because you would have experience in situations that others might not for example someone is going to rob you the elder person would know how to react to get out of that situation. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be fun because you would not be able to activities like skydiving with such ease because your quite fragile and weak. Additionally, you would be more likely to catch a disease such as COVID-19. Therefore I think I would have way more fun then a elderly person.

    • Hi Humza, well I like how you have thought about both being younger and old in your response. Yes I agree as you get older you become wiser as life experiences help you develop a better understanding of certain situations.

  7. Part of the reason older people are so full of vim, compared to their younger counterparts, is that they they’re happier with their sleep. (1) There is an epidemic of sleeplessness sweeping the Western world, and insomnia is one factor that can limit the happiness of people of working age. According to the Aviva Voice of New Retirement report, 53% of retired people are happy with their sleep, compared to 39% of the unretired.

    • Hi Luiza it’s lovely to hear from you. Please make sure you are not just copying pieces of text from the internet. First read the question carefully and then write down your answer on some paper. Go back and re-read what you have written to ensure you have answered the question the best you can.

  8. I don’t think it is fun being old because you are restricted to do many things. Some old people are quite strong e.g Captain Tom Moore, however some are weak. When you are old, you may get conditions where you lose your independence and need help.

  9. I think that it is not fun being old because you cant do stuff and it is boring .If you are old you cant really do anything fun like football without feeling stressed.

  10. Good morning Miss Kaur, Howe are you? I do not really know what to say to this question but I will give it a go.
    Is it fun being old?
    If you are older you are more likely to be more sensible and wise. This is because older people have more experience with things, which means that they will know what the correct choice will be in some situations. Whereas, children will not have as much experience as elder people and may make the wrong decisions.
    On the other hand, children will be able to do more fun things like go to theme parks and children have many enjoyable experiences to come. The elderly may miss the times when they could run around like crazy and when they had those experiences.

    In conclusion, I have no idea. ??

  11. I think it isn’t fun being old because sometimes you get made fun of which I don’t like . Also sometimes you can’t walk or you can’t eat which makes you feel stiff . So therefore this is why I think it isn’t nice being made fun of .

    • Good morning Zahrah, I agree sometimes it’s hard being old as your body does ache and feel sore. However it is still possible to have fun when you are older by spending time with loved one playing board games perhaps, don’t you think ?

  12. I think being old is tough because when you are old you need to have its of medicine. This is because I think that your body is not healthy and your brain you keep forgetting things. So therefore I think being old is tough.

  13. My answer to this interesting question is.
    There is a feeling that you might actually lose your independence in achieving something. Or if you already have a feeling that you have to do or want to do by your self. It’s better spending time with others who have grown up with you. Time is always precious when having that feeling.

    • Morning Yosif, thank you for your response. Please re-read your response, does it answer my question: is it fun being old? Have another go at answering the question please.

      • I don’t think it’s fun being old because as you can see you May have difficult times being ill, bullied and more on. You can experience tough times where there’s nobody to have.

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