Tuesday 6 Red – 12.05.20 Descriptive writing

Your task today is to choose one of the following superheros (or any of your choice) and describe them in a particular scene. You may also choose to draw a picture. The setting and theme of the writing is completely your choice.

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Think about the following descriptive phrases to include in your writing:

The ghost-grey mist was voiceless and heartless.
Shreds of mist crept over the ground.
The smoky and steamy mist encircled the mountain.
The airy, spraying rain banished the mist.
Plump drops of rain fell then and the river became tea-brown and boiling.

Ideas of descriptive sentences to use and adapt:

The trees in the forest were malady-brown. Grains of poison begrimed the bark and gleamed like witch dust. Trolls haunted the sooty coppices, salivating over their prey and smearing the blood over their heavy faces. The decaying air and stifling atmosphere provided the perfect abode for those who worshipped the darkness rather than the light. In the dense
shadows, spiders clutched their snare-strings. Their webs shimmered like meshed steel dipped in silver.

Look forward to seeing your work.

30 thoughts on “Tuesday 6 Red – 12.05.20 Descriptive writing

  1. Spider Man. The greatest spider of all times. He spreads his sticky web all around the huge buildings in the city, flying around and heroic saving people. Spider Man is not scared of anything – he can save anyone’s life. He does not just have one costume, but lots of amazing, red costumes with advanced technology. After saving people, he sometimes creates huge spider webs where he just lies on them and relaxes.

  2. Thor drifted along the ground effortlessly. His voice boomed through the valleys.His trusty partner ,Mjolnir one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence capable of levelling mountains, would be seen twirling around in his hand as fast as a tornado.As he battles he radiates an aura of pure strength and courage; daring other foes to challenge the almighty Thor.

  3. Super woman was wondering around the misty,dark and destroyed city. The mists in the air flowed around the them like it was trying to speak to them. The atmosphere was dark and gloomy that you could barely see the people around you. In the dark and dense shadows, spiders crawl around their webs to find shelter from hiding away from the goblins that are going ambush superwoman and her other friends.

  4. Wonder Woman :
    The fierce looking woman stood strong with her hands on her hips ready for a fight. Wonder Woman’s outfit was not for fashion , it was her uniform.
    Ferociously, running around the city protecting people from crimes. She stood just like a powerful lady with immense powers.

  5. With her bright blue eyes, which shine like sapphires, she saves a miraculous amount of lives day in and day out. Her beautiful blond hair sways side to side, while the wind rides merrily through it like a comb. The gnarled branches on the trees made way for the one the only wonder women. Suddenly, The mists ahead cleared and the sun shone brightly once again with a smile on it’s face.

  6. Steve Rogers rushed into the forest; it was shrouded in waves of mist. He knew that this mist concealed something great that could not be allowed to fall into the hands of any instigators. He needed to find and assemble his squadron. Lightning erupted from the dark clouds as heavy tremors shook the earth. arrows were let loose as relentless attacks were blown. Captain America charged into the battlefield avenging those who had fallen.

  7. Thor the almighty thunder god walked sluggishly through the ghost grey mist hovering above the ground. Rubble surrounded. Famous monuments lay on the dirty floor as if they were never there. The airy spray of rain banished the mist making the path ahead clear again.

  8. As Batman, the determined superhero, walked down the eerie battlefield, he saw his villainous opponents declaring their failure and loss. His walk was proud and honoured as he had defeated evil once again. The misty air filled the battlefield which made the visibility poor. However, this didn’t stop Batman from saving his people. Batman now prepares for his next victory.

  9. Superman the courageous superhero walked along the path as the airy, spraying rain banished the mist. All he could see was his opponents on the floor declaring their loss as Superman had an even better outcome of a victory. It was once again Superman who destroyed evil..

  10. Thor the almighty thunder god walked sluggishly through the ghost grey mist hovering above the ground. Rubble surrounded. Famous monuments lay on the dirty floor as if they were never there. The airy spray of rain banished the mist making the path ahead clear again. Spiders hid in the darkness clutching on the edges of their webs as the strong wind was blowing them away.

  11. Batman:
    The big black superhero saves people life’s . He lives in a dark scary cave full of bats flying around and insects crawling around . Batman isn’t scared of anything ( that’s why he can save anyone’s life). In the dense shadow of the cave spiders crawl and create webs shimmered as metal. He wears a cape but not just any cape it’s a black cape with secret weapons …

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