‘twas the eve…….

Hi Year 6,

It is officially the last evening before you leave tomorrow . I know this year has been strange but may how you have coped and grown. It is easy to talk about skills like resilience, tenacity etc but these last few months you have certainly demonstrated that you are skilled practitioners in these areas.
All of you have the ability to make a difference. So what if you are not ARE or better, what I am proud if is that you are lovely children who have left a lasting legacy at BH School. All of you have “Gained.”
In the next few years ,when I retire, I will look back with fondness and PRIDE knowing that BH has help shape the fantastic citizens that you will become. Go forth and show all your new schools, BH pupils lead the way!
GOOD LUCK…once a Broad Heather, always a Broad Heather! Don’t be sad….be PROUD!




  1. Thank you to everyone in BH, from classmates to teachers. I hope you all have a safe and fantastic summer break. I will miss you all so much.

  2. I would like all the staff for being there with me and helping me learn new skills and I really appreciate your hard work and effort.

    Thank you

  3. Thank you Mrs Frankish. We are so proud of these children – what an end to their primary school years, but what an opportunity it has been to develop a very different set of skills! You are all absolutely fabulous and we know you will continue to be at secondary school.

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