34 thoughts on “UK Landmarks

  1. Hadrian’s Wall, a stone wall barrier built to separate the Romans and the Picts tribes in Scotland 2000 years ago. It allowed Roman soldiers to control the movements of people coming into or leaving Roman Britain. It was so well built that you can still see parts of it today.

  2. Windsor castle hasbeen a royal residence for over 900 years
    Elizabeth ll the royal standard files from the round tower
    Of the castle.

  3. The London eye ,next to the country hall ,is another of Londons most modern landmarks.it is the worlds biggest Ferris wheel,and will carry 800 pasengers at the time on a 30 minuite ride.

    Fatiha and Zara

  4. Blacpool towers
    Black pool tower is a tourist attraction in black pool, Lancashire in england.

    Stonehenge is most famous Phoenix toarie monument in Britain

    From ashwika and lacey

  5. Blackpool Tower is a tourist attraction in England wich was Opend to the Pumlicon
    14 May 1894. It is said to be the most famous seaside landmark in England

  6. Buckingham palace is one of the most popular landmark in London.
    It is the London home of the British royal family.The 600 rooms palace is surrounded by 40 arce garden.

  7. I have learnt England is a land of ancient cities. Stonehenge is the most famous prehistoric monument in Britain, Salisbury. It was built 5000 years ago. Windsor castle has been the royal house for over 900 years.it was built from timber and then stone.

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