UK National Anthems

This morning in Year 5 we were looking at the 4 national anthems which make up the UK:

The English National Anthem: [embedyt][/embedyt]

The Scottish National Anthem: [embedyt][/embedyt]

The Welsh National Anthem: [embedyt][/embedyt]

The Northern Irish National Anthem: [embedyt][/embedyt]

You were asked to compare the 4 in terms of the 7 musical elements; dynamics, duration, timbre, tempo, pitch, texture and structure. You were asked to think about what is similar and what is difference between them.

Write your response below, remembering correct grammar and punctuation.

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  1. In the Scottish anthem, it had long sounds to emphasise the words, however in the Welsh national anthem it didn’t have a much of a thick texture. In addition, the England national anthem had a soft sound (dynamics), whereas it had a soft sound at first, but then after it had a loud dynamics. Furthermore the Scottish anthem had a high and low notes within the music, on the other hand the England anthem had a soft and quite tempo.

    Both anthems, Ireland and Welsh were very similar together, for example, it had a thick texture, a slow tempo and many more. In the England and Scotish anthem it had long sounds and little sounds, as this refers to one of the music elements, which is duration. Lastly all national anthems had high and low notes, slow and fast tempo and many more.

    By Tiya and Baldeep

  2. These paragraphs compare each of Brtians national anthems.
    Scotland and Wales
    Scotland’s national anthem tempo was really slow,on the other hand Wales national anthem’s tempo was really fast because the man said the words really quickly.The structure of Scotland’s national anthem was really simple because the man repeated the words,however Wales national anthem didn’t repeat words this is why the structure of their national anthem was complex.Wales’national anthem had a high pitch unlike Scotland’s which had a high pitch at the start of each verse and at the end of the verse had a low pitch.Both Scotland’s and Wales national anthems had long durations.Wales’s national anthem had loud dynamics alternativly Scotland’s national anthem had loud dynamics at the start and soft at the end.

    England and Northern Ireland.
    England’s and Northern Ireland’s national anthem both had slow tempo and they both had high pitch.Also,Northern Ireland’s and England’s national anthem had a long duration and both had soft dynamics.Furthermore,Northern Ireland’s national anthem had a thin texture at the start and had a thick texture at the end of the song however God sav the queen had a thick texture and Northern Ireland’s national anthem had a complex structure however God save the queen had a simple structure.
    Wales and Northern Ireland
    Northern Ireland national anthem had a slow tempo however Wales’ national anthem had a fast tempo.Both Wales and Northern Ireland’s had a high pitch and the duration was long for both of them.Northern Ireland’s national anthem had soft dynamics on the other hand Wales’s national anthem had loud dynamics.

    • Carrying on
      Northern Ireland’s national anthem had a thin texture at the start and had a thick end whereas Wales’ national anthem had a thick texture and they both had complex structure because not much words were repeated.

  3. The similaritys between the national anthems are all changed wether if wa in tempo,dynamicsor sometimes even pitch. On the other hand, they were different because they all had a different pitch, the dynamics were loud and low as the English anthem was a loud dynamic when it came to God save our queen. The duration was also different because some words were so long and some words were short and snappy. Also the tempo was quite fast and some some were slow, like Wales wa the tempo,was quite fast and Ireland was kind slow. It also fast.

  4. The way the England and Ireland Northern anthem are similar is because the dynamic both change in the middle so it can go low pitch and go back to high pitch again. Another similarity between Scotland and Welsh is that thy both stat high pitch and continually stays high pitch.

    A difference between Northern Ireland and England is that Northern Ireland has a lot of melody throughout whereas England doesn’t it only has a little bit of melody which doesn’t goes throughout that builds texture. In the northern Ireland athem it had a timbre however the welsh athem doesn’t have a lot of timbre througout of the athem.

    By Zade and Lowesha

  5. The Scottish national anthem was loud like the Irish national anthem. The Welsh national anthem was very fast ,unlike the English national anthem which was rather slow. All of the national anthems were significant to to their country’s hopes. The Scottish national anthem was about the the thistle, whereas the English one was about the queen. The texture is quite thick in all of the anthems. The Scottish anthem was about a battle, but the Irish anthem was about peace. In all of the anthems the volume was very high.

  6. The Welsh anthem which has a very low dynamics and high pitch,however the Scotish anthem has a medium dynamics and pitch. They both change in textures and duration, particularly in the middle. The tempo quickens in the Welsh one, but in the Scotish one it is medium.

    The Northern Ireland anthem has very high pitch and dynamics,but in the England anthem they had a extremely high pitch and changed dynamics. The texture,tempo ,and the duration was the same.

  7. In the northern Island Anthem the singer had to sing in a very loud voice and the structure of the song was very complex. However in the Welsh(Wales) Anthem it is not as high. To compare the pace the Welsh Anthem had a very very quick pase, om the other hand the Northen Anthem is quite slow.

    Throughout the English Anthem the man sang in a very high voice. This means the texture was quite rough. In the Scotish Anthem it was not as loud as all the other Anthems, but it changed at some differnt points.
    During the Scotish, Anthem the structure was not as complex as the other Anthems .

  8. The National English Anthem phrase “God save the Queen” had slow tempo compared to the Northern Ireland Anthem which also had slow tempo.The Northern Ireland Anthem had a loud dynamic throughout the anthem similar to the Scottish Anthem which had a loud dynamic.All the National Anthems including England, Scotland , Northern Ireland had loud pitch in different parts.

  9. The Northern Irleand anthem is the same tone as the Welsh anthem and in both anthems a man is singing. In the Welsh anthem and the Northen Ireland anthem the volume is different because the Northern Irleand anthem has a high pitch and the Welsh anthem has a low pitch. The Northen Ireland anthem is slow and the Welsh anthem is fast in most of the parts. The speed of the Welsh anthem goes from loud to quite but the Northen Irleand anthem stay’s loud.The northern Irleand anthem has instruments and the Welsh anthem does not.

  10. In the Scotttish national anthem the tempo was quite fast when the singer sang the middle part of the song.On the other hand,the Northern Ireland national anthem’s tempo was slow mostly slow in the middle and partly the end.In the first part of the Scottish national anthem the duration was a bit long.However the Ireland anthem was long throughout the start and middle.On one hand,the Wales anthem had loud dynamics throughout the middle and end.On the other hand the English anthem had loud dynamics throughout the whole anthem.In the Wales anthem the pitch was very high similar to the English anthem.

  11. God save the Queen is similar with the Welsh and the Anthem because they both used a high Pitch tone.
    Land of our Father was similar to the Anthem because they both used Dynomics.Both songs used structure ,and they both used a high tone.
    God save the Queen was similar to the Scottish National Anthem because both of them used high Pitch and Texture in the middle of both of the songs.
    Northern Irish National Anthem was similar to the Scottish national Anthem because in both songs they used high tones and high Pitch in the End and Middle.

  12. In the Welsh National Anthem, the structure was simple whereas in the Northen Irish National Anthem, the structure was hard. There was change in dynamics because there was softness in the Scotish National Anthem whereas in the Welsh one, the dynamics were loud throughout the piece of music. The Northen Irish Natoinal Anthem had long sounds compared to the Scotish National Anthem, there were short sounds throughout the music. Throughout the Welsh National Anthem,the tempo was slow and fast compared to the English National Anthem, the tempo was slow. The Northen Irish National Anthem had fast temp whereas the English National Anthem Was a bit slow

  13. Pitch
    The Scottish and the Irish anthom had a high pitch. The Welsh anthems had a change in pitch in the middle. The English anthom was high and low. All the anthems started in a high pitch.

    All the anthems had a different duration in the sound. The Scottish anthom had hosepipes which had a long duration.this made it affective

    • Dynamics
      All the anthems started in a loud dynamic. The dynamics changed throughout all the anthems.

      The tempo was different in each anthem. The Scottish and the English anthem had a slow anthem. The others had a fast tempo.

      The anthems had harmony which made it affective.

      The structure was in order.

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