Ukulele in 4 Red

Year 4 have been super learners.  They have enjoyed learning the Ukulele and have been looking forward to their lessons.  They have made fantastic progress in five weeks.

Watch the video below  showcasing their learning.



What have you enjoyed so far?

What are you hoping to achieve next half term?

13 thoughts on “Ukulele in 4 Red

  1. so far i loved the ukele kukaburra song becuase it really funny.

    123 shush is really good to be
    learning in year 4.

    the out walk is a bit hard to put ur hands on and off twice.

  2. I enjoy singing kookaburra because it’s funny when it said kookaburra sits on the old train track along comes a train and knocks him flat poor kookaburra poor kookaburra that’s the end of that

    im really sad that ukulele lesson is over😥😥


  3. so far, I have enjoyed learning the song, Kookaburra.The funniest part was when he was sitting on the electric wire.I am hoping to learn chill out walk and all elephants can grumble because I don`t need to look at the strings.

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