Unbelievable cures for the Black Death

This afternoon we have researched and identified the gruesome symptoms of the Bubonic plague. (Please share some of these symptoms)

Below are images of some of the Medieval cures used to help people heal. You have had a chance to look and smell some of the remedies during the lesson. 

Poultice: A paste made from plants, soil and poo- people would rub this over their boils and wounds in hope to cure them.

Four Vinegar Thieves: Vinegar, Herbs, Garlic- people would pore this over their open cuts and wounds during the plague.
Aromatherapy: Smelling herbs and flowers
Urine:  Plague victims bathed in urine.
Lord Prayer: As people felt the Plague was a curse from God, many turned to repent to God and plead for forgiveness. 

1. What were the cures? How were they believed to help?
2. What is your opinion on these cures? 
3. What can we understand about medicine during this period of time, compared to now?

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