The United Kingdom in 3 White

This week the children in 3White have had lots of fantastic learning opportunities all about the U.K including performance poetry, making Welsh delicacies, writing an email to the Queen, creating a royal family tree and drama performances of the story of the Giants Causeway!

I think the Around the U.K Afternoon was my highlight, but what was yours? Can you tell me what you have learnt about the countries in the United Kingdom this week including any interesting facts? List four below. Also, let me know how you have gained from this week? What have you learnt about Britain and the British values? What makes you proud to live in the U.K?

10 thoughts on “The United Kingdom in 3 White

  1. My favourite highlight was when made the welsh cake because they smell so nice and we got to taste them which were even nicer.
    I have learnt that the giant causeway were through by Finn Macool because a giant was being selfish to him

  2. My favourite part of the week was when we located some countries.
    We learnt that there is more chicken than humans in England.
    There are more sheep 🐑 than humans in Scotland.
    I’ve gained by learning new stuff.

  3. 1.My favourite part of the week was when we acted the English myth.
    2.We learnt that Scottish people play lots of sports games.
    3.all the 4 flags make the Union Jack flag.

  4. My favourite highlight was when we read giants causeway and acting the story out
    I have learnt what a causeway is and there’s so much giant story’s and an interesting fact is there’s a legend of Nessie in Scotland what some people think is true but some don’t believe it and people think in Northern Ireland is a giants causeway what some people think FinMcCool got rocks and put so many it built a causeway but other people think it’s from the reef and it stretched across Scotland and Northern Ireland I have gained lots Of maths and how to measure capacity and volume I have learnt how much city’s there is in england

  5. We my highlight was when we did the world arternoon and the part when i won the javelin. There are 4 countries they are :
    Wales, Northen ireland,Scotland England cause all of those will be mixed it will make the union and jack that is what I have learned. I have learned how to be a good coventian and how to respect people and also and not to say rude things and I never do. I have learned how to respect and the rule of law. I love the uk cause we are lucky and we also have our shops we can work in or buy stuff and we also have a really nice and generous queen 👸 and not many country’s do.

  6. 1.My highlight was around the word afternoon because we did lots of fun things!
    2.I learned about Wales,Scotland,England and Northern Ireland.
    In England there are more chickens than humans!
    In Scotland there is a loch nes monster called “Nessie!”
    For Northern Ireland we learned about the “The Giants Caways”
    We made Welsh cakes for Wales!

  7. My best bit was the relay race
    I wanted to tell you all the four countries in the United Kingdom which are:Scotland,Wales,England and Northern Island.
    All the flags make the Union Jack flag.
    I have gained that you should always care about what other people say.
    I have learnt about Britain and he British values one example of the British value is:To have tolerance.
    The thing that makes me proud to live in the uk is hygienic hospital and the police are very good and helpful as they always fight crimes.

  8. My highlight was around the world afternoon
    I learnt that there is a monster in the Bessie lake and is called Bessie and dosee not likeven it when people want to see it.
    In northern Ireland there is notherwise enough food so they go to Donegal to get potatoes and they like it so much that potatoes are popular in Northern Ireland.
    A typically traditional Welsh breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, laverbread and cockles
    Englands traditional food is
    : roast beef, roast chicken, pork chops and lamb chops, Yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots, gravy,
    I have gained because I have more courage and a growthmindset to perform my acting skills.
    The British values are respect individual liberty courage the law.
    I feel proud of living in England because we are lucky to help a king and a queen and a royal family👸👸👸👸

  9. My favourite one was when l do capacity lern to order them up in the right order becuase the game l played helped me learned more to lern to order them .
    . My first fact will be Wales there a name called Loch Ness mister in the lake in Wales . Wales eat they eat meat and fish .
    . My second fact is scottland and they eat sausage for there beak-fast .
    .my third fact is Nothen island eat soda bread
    . My four fact is Elgand eat egg pizza chip and bacon .

    l have gained becuase l learnt how to order capacity in the right order.

    learnt about Britain becuase l know what they eat .

    The British values are

    . Respectful is being respectful to your treacher who teach you
    . Individual liberty means enough Respectful to anyone
    . Law the law means where you flowllow to anyone .

    What makes me pround live in the uk is with have King and Queen in Elgand

  10. Mine is the around the 🌎 afternoon to.
    I’ve learnt about the leg and nessie in Scotland.
    I’ve gained more courage in poems.
    I’ve learnt indavidual libity
    I’m proud because we have a queen and some Coventry don’t have queen

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