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Uno Club Superstars 🌟


I thought I would share some of the fantastic work which we have been doing in uno club!

At the start of Uno club, only a handful knew how to play. We went through the rules, what uno means (bonus points to anyone who comments on this blog post telling me what it means), turn taking and the importance of being good losers to name a few.

Today- for the first time, every single child managed to play their own game of Uno. Everyone knew all the rules and were respectful of each other (even when they were losing!) I couldn’t be prouder and am looking forward to next week when we can have our uno party and crown our uno champion!

Here’s a challenge for everyone- can you name any of these uno wild cards?Β 


Miss Starkey and Mrs Coburn

6 thoughts on “Uno Club Superstars 🌟

  1. I dont know what UNO CLUB IS ALL ABOUT…But i must know that it is a great,fantastic and fun club .i do know that it is the wonderfulest club

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