Victorian Coaster Making Factory

The boys have been split from the girls to begin their night of hard labour. This has started with sanding wood to make coasters that will be sold by the factories for a considerable profit. If the boys work hard then with luck they will receive a piece of stale bread and some mouldy cheese before bedtime. If not, they’ll be lucky to get a cup of dirty water!

What was it like working hard?

How would it have felt doing this for 10 hours a day?

What condition do you think your hand would be in after 10 hours of sanding?

Would it be fair to send Shazil to bed without and food?

How long do you think it would take until you were bored of sanding?

26 thoughts on “Victorian Coaster Making Factory

  1. 1) It was hard working like a Victorian child. We are no match to Victorian children. The work there must of been very hard for the children.

    2) It would probably take me a 100 hours to do what the boys did 10 hours a day.Maybe boys are only good at making the coasters edges smooth.

    3) If I had to do that everyday I am sure that my hands would go red than blood and hotter than fire.

  2. I think that the boys actually tried hard,they had to SAND PAPER!
    It would’ve been awesome if the boys did the girls jobs and vice versa maybe they would’ve realized wat the girls are doing and the same to the girls

  3. Madam redhead made us paint some coasters and we were her slaves in the industry. We had to create 40 of our own designs, on the dull plain smooth coasters.we were exhausted after the night in the strict, industry .the industry was all right apart from the coasters .the coasters were dull before the designs were created.

  4. Yes the boys had to work really hard to make these and the girls did the easiest thing painting them. It would be torcher because we don’t get time to rest. Yes because it’s his punishment for being the best cheerleader and the funniest guy. I think it would take for the boys 24 hours to sand it because their slow.
    By Leena and omayah

  5. We had to put the wood against the paper and move the paper up down,ther was forty to be done. All forty had to be done;the sides had to be the same.The sides had to be straight.

    It was very hard because we had to move it up and down !

    I think it will take a hour because not much sand is coming.The sides hade to be smooth we hade to forty coasters. We’ve done all of them.

  6. it is so hard working as a will be so horrible working for 10 hours if I was doing this I will probely will not be Fair because he might starve to death and he will defenatly be hungry.ifi was doing sanding i will only do it for 1 minute then I will be bored.

  7. It was boring and hard.You will feel tired and your hand will be aching.It will be hot and it wll not be fair.three hour.

  8. It was very hard working because our hands were aching and now we are experiencing how they work and it is very hard work.I DO NOT LIKE IT.

    It would be very especially hard working 10hrs a day because it would be like my hands were falling off.

    No it would not be fair because he would starve to deaf.

    I think it would take me 5hrs to got bored of it

  9. 1) it was hard working hard

    2)it would make me feel so tired

    3)my hand will be red sandy

    4)no it will not be fair

    5)I think it will take me 45 mins

  10. 1) It is very hard to work because you can get hurt and it is very painfully.
    2,3)There will be so much dust in your eyes , your hands will be bleeding.
    4,5)In ten hours my hand will stared being dusty , then I will stared getting boring.

  11. it was really hard because you have to rub the card to the wood and it was really tiring.And it took us a lot of time to do one.And we had to do lots of them.

  12. I think it was fun working hard I liked using the coasters and sand paper. I think it will be good to work all day because it’s helping the environment .you could get splinters but your working hard .no because he deserves to eat and drink. I could do it all day I wouldn’t get board

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