Victorian day in 5 Red!

What a victorious day 5 Red have had! We started the day off learning about the Victorian railways and the negative and positive impact this had on that era. We then went on to learn about how crime had escalated due to rising manufacturing and how this had lead to the tragic death of Thomas Briggs. Following on from this, we wrote a news paper article about this incident and used our knowledge of previous skills to produce it. In the afternoon, we turned our creative brains on and took part in many activities that the Victorians would of created and played with, it was fun!

Take a look at our video below, where you will get to see it all, enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Victorian day in 5 Red!

  1. The Victorian day was very fun. My favourite activity was the Peg dolls because you have to be creative about what clothes you want wear on your doll and how you want it to be disigned.

  2. Victorian day was fun. My favourite part was making the peg dolls because we got to use our imagination and finishing our Victorian toy soldiers.

  3. What a wonderful, busy day of learning, 5Red.
    Lots of new knowledge in the morning and many skills developed in the afternoon.
    Well done to all of you and thank you for a great day.

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