Video calls

Good afternoon everyone,

Well done for those of you who are attending these great video calls with your teachers. These are a great tool to continue our learning during this lockdown.

If you haven’t been part of these calls, please join next time!

It has come to our attention that some children are being silly on these chats. Silly words are being sent and this is not acceptable. We have an idea on who these culprits are and are currently investigating this.

Please be respectful using this resource as this does not reflect our school values.

Thank you.

36 thoughts on “Video calls

  1. I have been doing the Zoom calls.
    I really enjoy it because then I can see my friends and my teachers.
    Thank you for the opportunity 😊.

  2. It was really sad that somebody ruined our video call, words like that hurt people’s feelings and it’s even sadder that whoever it was said it twice and try to frame other people for it. I hope it never happens again.

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