Visit to Waterstones Book Shop

Today the Broad Heath Junior Librarians visited Waterstones Book shop in the city centre. There was a brief tour of the shop (including places where the public aren’t allowed!) and time to purchase some books for the school library.

Hopefully their own blogs will tell you what it was like!

Come on Junior Librarians!

A brief tour of the three floors.
Time to ask and answer questions
Lots of books on display. Some we have in the Library, some we don’t.
Turns out that our guide was famous. Ashley King. He has illustrated some children’s books. He was kind enough to sign some and draw a character in them. They will be available in the Library in September.

6 thoughts on “Visit to Waterstones Book Shop

  1. Well done JLs
    We are glad you enjoyed it. I did too.
    It was a lovely shop, and so many books – even more than our Library!

    What are the main differences between a book shop and a Library?

  2. I really enjoyed my trip to Waterstones , as we got to go behind the scenes of books I found out that the bookshop gets 750 books every day! I feel happy that I could choose the books for the school. I hope the library achieves big heights!!

  3. I really enjoyed our trip to Waterstones as we got to go where no one apart from the staff were allowed.My favourite floor was the children’s floor because it had lots of books i liked for example dork diary and Jacqueline Wilson.The man who was showing us around was Ashley king he illustrated some of the books in the shop.

  4. I really enjoyed going to waterstones we got showed around by a man named Ashley King and he told us many facts such as Waterstones gets 750 books a day.Ashley King illustrated a few books as well.

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