9 thoughts on “We all had a super time at Twycross Zoo!

  1. I saw a gorilla,elephant and a zebra. The zoo was very hot. I like the monkeys the best. I had a nice day.I saw a picture of a spider monkey. The zebras had stripes. We had a heathy snack .Some animals were big and some animals were small.

  2. At Twycross Zoo I liked the Spider Monkeys I had a great day I had a lot of
    Fun and I enjoy. My Trip It was good.i loved looking at the monkeys they were cool. Thank you teachers for taking us to Twycross zoo I had so much fun.:)

  3. I liked the zoo and I liked the spider monkeys and the monkeys, the elephant, peguins,rabbit’s, and lions and tiger’s. I had a great time and I cannot wait to go back.

  4. At Twycross Zoo, I liked these animals, elephants, rabbits, turtles, haamsters, monkeys and gorrilas. Mostly, I liked the stripy zebras. I did not like the butterflies in the butterfly tent. They were fluttering around you.

    I enjoyed it a lot. I loved the day!
    :) ;)

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