We are Coventrians!

Today, we have been learning about a famous Coventrian, James Starley! We have been enthused that he is from the same city as us, so we looked at what he invented and we became inventors like him…

We developed our understanding of past and present by exploring the development of the bike and looked and how it has changed…

Challenge: what did you learn about James Starley? What did the bike he made look like? What does a bike look like now?

11 thoughts on “We are Coventrians!

  1. James Starley lived in Coventry. He made a bike. It had a big wheel and a small wheel . A bike now has 2 big wheels a seat and a handle bar.

  2. James Starley live in coventry and he invented a bike. The bike he made look like was one big wheel and one small wheel. New the bike look like great.

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