13 thoughts on “Weather Report for Coventry

  1. friday and saturday both days show 11 degrees so i think these 2 days have highest temperature. We should wear warm clothes all this week to keep ourselves warm and cozy.

  2. sorry Mrs Carman but i think you should not wear these clothes in this season as it is really cold.We should wear a warm trouser,jumpers,coats, woolen hats and warm boots instead of shorts,vest top,sun hat,sunglasses and flip flops as these are suitable for summers :)

  3. Friday will be the highest temperature, but will be breezy and rather cloudy.

    When it’s really cold and chilly we need to wear warm clothes.

  4. We have to wear socks,jumpers,wonzys,Leg warmers
    And wooly jackets.The warmest temperature was
    On Friday ,because it is eleven degrees.

  5. It is very important for us to know the weather so we can prepare for it! If the temperature is low will it be hot or cold?
    Let’s see lots of answers year 1!

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