Wednesday 13th May- 3R Home Learning- Science:To understand how shadows are formed

Hi Year 3,

Today for Science we are going to look at what shadows are and how they are formed.

What is a shadow?

Watch the video below to help you understand how a shadow is formed.

What is a shadow? For a shadow to be formed an object must block light. The object must be opaque or translucent to make a shadow. A transparent object will not make any shadow, as light passes straight through transparent objects.

The power point below will help you understand shadows better.

Watch the video below and note down any keywords.

Now complete the activity set on Education City called ‘Shadows.’ This activity will only work on a laptop.


Complete the shadow experiment. Start by checking the weather. This activity needs a day with full sunshine, so pinpoint a good, cloud-free day.

First thing in the morning (if the sun is out) go out with some chalk. Find a good spot where there won’t be any shadows from trees or fences and make a cross. You will need someone to help you. Get someone to stand on a cross. Draw around the shadow and measure how long it is. Repeat this every hour.

Draw a table like the one below and record the results.

Time taken (Hours/minutes)     Length of shadow (cm)

9 hr 10 mins                             87cm

What did you find out?

25 thoughts on “Wednesday 13th May- 3R Home Learning- Science:To understand how shadows are formed

  1. First I watched learning about shadows on education city then my mum worked with me using her phone torch, so the more closer the torch was, the more bigger my shadow got and more lower the torch was more longer my shadow became.

    • Hi Kai
      Have a go if not use a torch. Place an object on a white paper use the torch to represent the sun ?
      What happens to the object when you move the torch around the object?
      When you move the torch further back and close to object?

  2. I have done my shadows on education city. My score is 100%.

    A shadow is a dark area were light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object.

  3. Morning all
    This sounds like a fun challenge, hope all are up for. What would be more amazing if you could email us photos of you doing this challenge 😍😀👍🏼

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