Wednesday 13th May- Year 5 – Mrs Habib’s Literacy Group

Happy Wednesday,  hope you are all well.  The work I have set needs to be completed.  I will be awarding those children that have tried really hard and done their best work on my blogs with a certificate.  Could the following children please complete the work below,

5W – Rehaan, Hasnain, Kiyan, Abdirahman, Hisham, Adela, Harley and Cara

5R- Riqbah, Sarina, Samantha, Saifullah, and Braydon

5B- Damanpreet, Pooja, Ahmed, Ebrahim and Rehan M.

Please complete the work in your homework books this will also be part of your handwriting task.  Please present you work neatly. Email your finished work to me,  Mrs Habib  If you need help let me know on the blog. I will help you. If anyone else in Year 5 wants to do this too, please do. Please complete this by Friday 15th of May by the latest.  However if you can complete it sooner, that would be fabulous! Thank you.

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For question 10 for each sentence you have to add the missing word spelt correctly for the gap in the sentence.   Read the sentence out loud  and see if you can guess the word that goes into the blank space first.  If you can and it makes sense add it in and make sure the word is spelt correctly.  If not use the word bank below,  choose the most appropriate one for your sentence again make sure that you spell correctly from the word bank.   For example the first one is thumb.  The full sentence is : –  Mum hit her thumb with the hammer.

Word Bank  for missing words in the sentences for question 10.

thumb     weightless       portable         dough        attention      suffered      obtained

science     usually            mixture          cautious     trouble        vague           typical

essential   architect        descendent    inconceivable    council   adventurous .  

Please write all the sentences out first and then add the missing words.  You could  write the word bank out and tick the word once it is  used it for each sentence.  You can do the easier sentences first and then go on and complete the rest.




Use the side bar (grey)  to scroll down and see more questions, there are 10 in total to do.

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