Wednesday 15th July- Year 3: 60 second read!

Good Morning year 3,

Today we are going to test our reading skills by challenging ourselves to a 60 second read. Time 60 seconds or get someone to time you and read the text. Then answer the questions next to it! I will publish the answers on a separate blog so you can check how well you have done!





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  1. Dinasours breaking cooks
    Hunger if dinasours
    Cause of a dinasour roar
    Dinasours stomp stomp
    Extensive and mas
    Remember day people lives
    Years ago Luftwaffe homed London and lots and lots of people died

  2. Bronze
    1. The dinosaurs were breaking rocks.
    2. Hungry.
    3. Because the dinosaurs make lots of noises such as stomp stomp, crunch crunch, snap crack, Bang Bang, screech screech, roar roar.
    4. woosh woosh because he has a long neck to move the trees.
    1. The Luftwaffe came from Germany.
    2. Thousands of, mass.
    3. It comes from BlitzKreing which means a lightening war.
    4. In July 1940, the german bombed a British ship in the English channel. Then in August 1940, they bombed airfield and aircraft factories. The bombing had continued till September 1940 as the german bombed London and lots of people died.
    1. Another word for trade is swap.
    2. The Grocer gives Clara a sweet.
    3. I even managed to get an orange can you believe it. Clara was excited because she made yummy orange juice.
    4. Clara said I wish I could share with you because her mum is in a different country.

  3. I read bronze and half of silver.
    1.the dinosaurs were breaking rocks.
    2.hungry dinosaurs.
    3.because this poem is about dinosaurs and they roar!!!
    4.stomp!!! stomp!!!!

  4. Bronze
    1. The dinosaurs were breaking rocks.
    2. Hungry dinosaur .
    3. The poem is called Roar because it is about dinosaurs and dinosaur say Roar.
    4. Screech! Screech!
    1. The Luftwaffe came from Germany.
    2. Mass Thousands
    3. It was from Blitzkrieg which means Lightning War.
    4. It began on the 10th July 1940 when Germany came to Britain and they were bombed by the Germany Luftwaffe. There were lots of bombing of airfield, harbors and radar stations.
    1. Barter means the same as “trade”.
    2. The Grocer gives to Clara a sweet.
    3. The phrase is ” can you believe it?”.
    She was excited because she never ate a orange before.
    4. Because the orange is very yummy.

  5. Bronze:
    1.They were breaking rocks
    2.Hungry dinosaurs.
    3.Because a dinosaurs roar.
    4.Stomp stomp stomp!

    1. Germany
    2. Extensive and mass.
    3. To remember many people and their lives
    4. Facts about the Blitz in 20 seconds or less.

  6. Roar
    1. They were breaking rocks .
    2. Hungry.
    3. Because they make sound roar .
    4. Rar .
    A letter home .
    1. Give
    2. A sweet
    3. Because it was juicy and sticky.
    4. The vegetables.

  7. Dinosaurs broke rocks
    Frightening dinosaurs
    The poem was called roar because dinosaurs use to roar loud
    The dinosaurs could have gone reer reer!!

  8. Bronze
    1. They were breaking rocks
    2.Hungry dinosaurs.
    3.Because a dinosaurs roar.
    4.stomp stomp stomp!
    2.extensive and mass
    3. To remember the day and people lifes
    4.many years ago the luftwaffe bombed London and other city, lots of people died

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