Wednesday 1st July- Year 5 Home Learning: PSHE

Good morning Year 5!

Today, I would like you to consider the finely balanced situation we as a country find ourselves in. The situation where we are beating the virus and can begin coming out of lockdown BUT if we are not careful enough, the virus may return and a second lockdown may happen.

Observe the pictures below:

These photos are from the end of last week and they caused me some concern.

I know that the lockdown is easing. I know that life is getting back to normality. But, the virus is still around and we all still need to be very careful about it. We shouldn’t be afraid, but we shouldn’t be taking unnecessary risks.

So, my first point to you all is to remain sensible, safe and careful.

My second point is linked to one of the photos above. A photo which shows litter on the beach at the end of one of those days. What is your honest opinion about that children?

I look forward to reading your opinions about this boys and girls.

Mr M

90 thoughts on “Wednesday 1st July- Year 5 Home Learning: PSHE

  1. I think this is bad because the
    children are just littering and
    it is hurting the animals under the
    water.If we stop this it would be
    safer because if a person is
    swimming and people throw
    nets then the persons foot
    would get stuck and they might
    drown so littering is bad.

  2. My opinion about litter in the sea is that it’s bad about not only the animals but for us too. It is bad for the animals because the litter could suffocate, trap, or just be toxic for the sea animals. If all the fish were dead, people wouldn’t have any to eat, and many people like to eat fish and other seafood.

  3. I think littering is really bad because the animals in the ocean 🌊 will eat the litter and they will die. Animals could get stuck in the plastic
    or could possibly choke and we don’t want that to happen to animals. We
    want to make a change so no more animals could die. The plastic that they have thrown onto the floor could be touched by other people or could get stuck in animals from the seas mouths.

  4. 1 We should stop littering because it harms not only fish but other animals like sharks turtles and more and they might think it’s food and instantly choke on it and die and instead of littering we should recycle all of this plastic .

  5. I think since the virus has been gong down life is becoming normal and people have forgotten how litter affects the ocean and kills the animals. think that they should respect the ocean.

  6. In my opinion , I think littering on the beaches is awful because animals , who live in the sea like fishes and whales can choke on this litter and die . I believe that we should set things to the way they started when corona virus came because I think people have forgotten the reason why we have to stay at home and what social distancing is .

    • Also , Have the people , who have done this washed their hands . Washing hands is very important because it removes germs . With all those things people have been touching at the beach and then eating it not right . Well if you have hand sanitizer on the beach with you its ok .

  7. 1st PARAGRAPH

    I think littering the sea is very bad because the water can bring the plastic in the water and the sea animals can choke for example a glass bottle a fish could go in there and stay stuck in there also a big turtle can swallow that whole glass bottle and It might choke then die! also we need fish to eat them because they give us protein.


    We SHOULD NOT open lock down because the virus is going to get worse and also more people are going to die so that’s why we should stay in our own home and so we can stay safe.If we go out and there’s a lot of people in the beach and more people come some one might have it and he can spread to some body else and then everyone in the beach will have it and then when they go home they can spread it to there parent’s or even their little KIDS and that will have a sad result at the end also don’t go on planes because there’s a lot of people on there and the same thing might happen so do not open lock down now until the virus slow’s down or goes from the world.

  8. I think that people have forgotten about the problem that plastic does to the ocean and wildlife in the ocean.
    I think this is is not ok. Just because lockdown is nearly finished or it is the hottest day of the year or could be month or could be centuries. But guess what… NO ONE CARES. This does not mean you just go like ” ughh there is no bin let me just throw it in the ocean !”What! No! This is not acceptable
    to me. The sea life will get extinct. Then there will be no more sea life center or maybe your favourite fish or squid. Nah, There will be no more left so just go on with your life with out the fish or squid what ever you like.
    So, after you do that, Don’t go crying to your mama that there is no more fish left. What is she going to do? she won’t magically make fish appear! NO! She won’t do that.
    So, use your common sense.
    Do not litter on the oceans or beaches please.

  9. To stop this virus we shouldn’t be free that easily because, there will be a wave 2 of this virus and to stop it from happening you will need to stay inside. And if we need to stop pollution, you should throw all your unwanted rubbish into the bins and it will also let animals live their free life, without dying from rubbish.

  10. It’s very bad littering the world just because we’re young doesn’t mean we litter every we go. All the animals are extinct there’s only 5or 6 pandas and all ice bergs are melting the ocean is a polluted catastrophe and it’s not funny or fun to do.

  11. My opinion is that people don’t think about the impact of their choices right know I think its just people been driven crazy of staying inside and its the urge everyone wants to desperately get back to their normal life but aren’t patient and don’t know all they’re doing is making it longer.

  12. on the first couple f oicture there are to much people in the beach
    and rubish all around the sand it should be less people in the beach so we dont get another lockdown.

  13. Think about the litter that ruined animal life and that today you are still now I think that we as a planet help get all the litter because its hurting wild life and damaging pollution only to survive but this is why we have bins so use your bins what its meant for to stop climate change from happing everone has damaged the planet to much now its harder to stop climate change the only way to stop climate change is to use the bin what its meant for and we only get one chance on Earth so you can stop climate change now and not worry about it in the future.

    By Luqman

    • Good answer Luqman. You have made some really good points.
      However, this is quite difficult to read, as you have not used punctuation and there are incorrect spellings. Please be mindful of this.

  14. on the first couple of pictures there are large groups of people this may bring the virus back which could cause a second lockdown, how this may happen is that as there are many people, people may be spreading germs.

  15. My honest opinion is that this could have a effect with the virus because litter spreads bacteria a nd viruses are caused because of bacteria

  16. I think this is really not fair for the innocent animals to suffer for nothing. We are the one who are ruining the word today and maybe forever.So this needs to stop. Why do the animals need to died because of us. It is not fair. We need to put ourselves inside the animals shoes and understand how they feel, how it feels to suffer and how it feels to be tortured. So please stop. Earth is being destroyed, animals are dying and it is our fault and no one is helping.
    Save the animals and save our planet as it is our only home.

  17. Today we’re discussing the effect of waste being thrown into the beach , and the effect not social distancing has on the community and environment.

    Throwing rubbish in the beach is not good because the types of sea creatures that are under the ocean are minding their own business and your throwing in the ocean and they think it a toy to play with, it could choke on it , get stuck and possibly swallow it .

    Not social distancing causes more exposure to COVID-19 which means the UK might go into a second lockdown and that will not be good because all shops, schools and everything else will be shut down and more staff will be furloughed and will sit at home and wonder when will they get payed or is there not going to be enough jobs left for them . Is that what you want. No where to go sitting gown sitting home and can’t go anywhere to go.

    Over crowding causes disrumptions to normal lives and you can’t move to go somewhere else. Also in the third photo there are loads of people who have walked past the rubbish and not picked it up .

    To conclude the overcrowding of people on beaches can lead to spikes and exposure to COVID-19 and the fact that they’re abusing the beach by littering means animals will suffer to fix this, go to the beach but social distance and collect after yourself .

  18. In my opinion those people don’t even care about the beaches and you can see that because there just throwing rubbish on to the beaches and I don’t know if they know it’s plastic if they do know that’s really really bad

  19. I think that the litter is not only killing the animals but its killing our earth. The litter is causing global warming and it’s destroying our earth. So if this carries on the human race will be extinct.

  20. I think it not fair people are throwing rubbish everywhere are not picking it up. This is not helping our environment and is killing animals and the animals did nothing to us.

  21. My opinion is the people not stay 2 meter away and their not caring about the fish their might not be explored yet if their is they might be exsink . Now because

  22. Can I just say what I am seeing now is disgusting and dropping that amount of rubbish they may as well stay inside if the are going to that. The Government was nice for letting them go to the beach but they pay them like that. It is just bad. No social distancing and throwing rubbish on the beach. Do they realise what they have caused… Do they even how much lives have been losed from them throwing plastic on the beach. Have they even seen what happens in the water . You do know that we are not the supreme one. There are aquatic lives in need they have lives. They are just throwing the turtles lives in the rubbish… No…We are not the only ones that have lives there are many innocent animals that provide us with food and helping us grow and live. And you are just going to take pity on them like that. The least that we could do is help NOT KILL THEM.The have let the human race be for billions of years and we are just going to do them like that. If you are going to go to 5he beach al least leave it clean! Some people need to stop being lazy and pick themselves and their attitude and start cleaning it right now and then. This cause the downfall of humanity if people carry on as we would have exterminated most sea creatures by throwing trash anywhere near beaches or even in the water. But I definitely do not accept animal death for no reason. So much Young’s and Parent’s have died to sea disposal. So many younglings have lost their parents to sea pollution and they have to live it off and carry on life. However, if it happened to you would be greiveing. So stop doing these things as it will deplete the amount of life in the ocean. Remember they are no different to us. And there are actually people who are trying their hardest to clean up and they really care. And you are not helping that cause by throwing more and more trash in the ocean. The sick thing is that no one there was trying to help the cause all of them sat on their backs sunbathing and throwing trash everywhere. Please if you have plastic that you do not need please throw it into the bin. Also they have a wvery different life to us as many of them are harmless fish and they either get killed by getting caught or sea pollution. The are also getting caught to eat as well as having to avoid sea pollution. They do not have an easy life believe me. I took my time writing this as I do care about the sea life.

    By Aboubakar

    • That is really emotional, Aboubakar. I agree, you have made some really good points.You have talked about the detrimental impact of humans littering beaches has on the environment and the Sea life. It really shows how much you care about Sea Life. Well done, for a detailed response. Absolutely, brilliant.

  23. I think the first three pictures are a bit silly because they’re acting like the virus doesn’t exist.
    I feel a bit upset on the last picture because it’s not fair on the animals to die because of us.

  24. I think leaving litter on the ground is not good because it can go to the see when the wind blows and it can kill animals.
    I think the idea of going to the beach was not a very good idea because everyone has been surrounded by others and that is not healthy. Also we have to stay 2 meters away but some people don’t listen and then the might get ill.

  25. My honest option is that people going to the beach which is okay but not all at the same time because we are not social distancing there is probably going to be a second wave if we don’t stop going there we just need to stay away from each other and have fun at the same time it is not hard. Littering at the beach is just terrible because the tide could come in and reach the tide and then it will go to the animals and then they could get stuck . Also people have to waste there time to clean your rubbish and litter if you didn’t do this it will be a beatiful beach but it might turn out to be a litter beach.

  26. I don’t think the litter been left on the beach because animals have a chance of being in the see.
    But at the same time I the I’ts ok because on most of the beaches in the world the barely any bin’s.

  27. The people on the beach are littering and it is bad for the environment.It is bad for pollution too because animals might die or get trapped which is a awful thing.

  28. I don’t think it is fair for the animals on the beach throwing litter on the beach. Also you should stay in lockdown for 14 days . Throwing litter might kill people or hurt animals. This is why you should think about what you are doing . Save people lives !!!

  29. These pictures make me feel a bit concerned because they’re not social distancing and they’re not putting rubbish in the bin also lockdown should still be strict because does that look like social distancing.

  30. My honest opinion is that they just don’t even care about anything around them so they just ruin all the beaches by throwing there rubbish aeound and for them it doesn’t matter where not knowing their rubbish is going to kill tons of animals.

    • Hi Marcel,
      Good thinking, well done.
      Please use commas and use the correct there/their/they’re
      ‘their’ not ‘there’.
      Please complete Maths and English blogs, thank you!

  31. I think that you shouldn’t leave litter and not put it in the bin because it
    will kill the animals and people shouldn’t think this is right to leave litter
    on the ground and never pick it up. Animals could get stuck in the plastic
    or could possibly choke and we don’t want that to happen to animals. We
    want to make a change so no more animals could die.

  32. I think that the children don’t care about the environment so they just dump their rubbish anywhere they probably don’t know about the virus and also animals could get trapped in a plastic bag or choke on a lid.

  33. I think the honest opinion is why should they litter when first of all, they know they’re going to get fined. And second of all, why would you expect the people who take out littering to everything for you. It is still expected that there will be more litter than sea life animals by 2050 so that doesn’t help either.

    • Well done Marvin, make sure you read your sentences so the make sense. Do you think litter only effects animals? What about the environment and humans?

  34. I think the government should only let limited amount of people on the beach.As there is lots of litter I think there should be police around so they could stop people from littering.I think lock down should not go how it was before but the government should not let so many people on the beach and let them litter

  35. My opinion is that, We should’ve not open lockdown. This is because going to the beach your throwing litter and not doing 2meter distances also people are just gathering around thinking the coronavirus is finished
    When technically its not so they just think they can gather round throw litter and dont follow the rules .It can still spread and we neēd to savs other people lives also they need to stay apart !!!❤️🌹

  36. We all understand the lockdown has ease down. But people are taking it as a joke because in the picture nobody at the beach is obtaining social distancing and the government guidelines still say keep your distance between people not in you house.
    Also after you go some and you have food and you litter animals may choke on your litter and may die.

  37. In my opinion, lockdown still should be strict until the virus is completely gone. The images are unacceptable. The people have packed into the beach like sardines. There is no social distancing. They have also dumped all their litter and rubbish on the floor. The animals might choke on it. They had no respect for the environment!

  38. I think that lockdown being eased is a good idea but when people think EVERYTHING is back to normal, that isn’t the best thing. Looking at these photos, it shows that people don’t care about the environment, they just want to get a perfect tan or go and swim. Lockdown is horrid, but we need to take into consideration that COVID 19 is still a thing and people are still dying because of it. I think people should be allowed out, but only for a short period of time so that we can stop the spread.
    By Chloe 🖤

  39. Some people think that the virus is gone only because we have stayed in our homes for a few months and decide to start doing what they want and now violating personal space.The virus is still around and with people going around spreading the virus in many places.We can beat the virus only if they stop spreading it

  40. I think that leaving the litter on the ground and not picking it up is wrong because animals might think that the litter is a toy and then probably might choke on it.

  41. Lockdown:
    I think that the lockdown should still stay but ease a. Bit like we can start owing out eventually but we still stay a meter away!
    Litter: I don’t think that is very fair because people don’t know how many animals swallow all that plastic !
    Some animals are on the verge of extinction! Wouldn’t it hurt them to just stop being lazy and pick the rubbish up?

    Also now that people have done that the should stay in there’s house for 14 days!

  42. My honest opinion about those children are I think that they don’t care about our environment and they are not aware of what is happening. The plastic that they have thrown onto the floor could be touched by other people or could get stuck in animals from the seas mouths. So what they have caused could kill people or animals and that is not what we are aiming to do we want to save lives!!

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