Wednesday 1st July- Year 5 -Maths: Mrs Habib’s Group

Happy Wednesday, Year 5.  Today, I have set a small task for you.  It is based on Percentage, decimals and fractions as you have been learning about them in Maths. The following children must complete this:-

5W- Adela, Kiyan, Zoya, Rehaan, Luqman, Francesca and Abdi

5R- Saifullah, Braydon, Riqbah, Samantha, Sarina, Eduard, Rayyan, Hanif, Falikou and Ikram

5B – Pooja, Damanpreet, Ahmad, Rehan H, Hayyan and Zubeyr


If you are in Year 5 and want to do this, please do. Post your answers on the blog or you can email me your work.

12 thoughts on “Wednesday 1st July- Year 5 -Maths: Mrs Habib’s Group

    • Good effort, Kiyan. Please check your answer for question 3, 0.02, what place value is the 2 in? Complete all the questions please Kiyan.

  1. 1) 1/4 = 25%
    2) 1/2 = 50%
    3 1/10 = 10%
    Question 2
    Question 3
    Question 4
    34% = 34/100
    Question 6
    Hassan scored higher because half of 1/2 is 50% and Hassan had half of 80 so he has a higher score than Kate. Kate scored 40% and Hassan scored 50% so Hassan has a higher score.

    • Good effort, Braydon. Check your answers for question 1. Remember percentages are out 100. Look at question 6, again 40% of 80 is not the same as scoring 40. What would be 40% of 80 be?

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