Wednesday 20th May – Year 5 – Maths- Mrs Habib’s group

Happy Wednesday,  hope that you are all well. The following children must complete this task:

5W- Adela, Kiyan, Zoya, Rehaan, Luqman, Francesca and Abdi

5R- Saifullah, Braydon, Riqbah, Samantha, Sarina, Eduard, Rayyan, Hanif, Falikou and Ikram

5B – Pooja, Damanpreet, Ahmad, Rehan H, Hayyan and Zubeyr

I want each and everyone of you to try your best please. I will be awarding those children that have tried hard really and done their best work on my blogs with a certificate. 

Please complete your work in your homework book and email it to me, Mrs Habib  . Leave a comment on the blog to tell me how you got on or if you need help.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday 20th May – Year 5 – Maths- Mrs Habib’s group

    • Hi Sarina, what is it that is not working? I have set this blog so that it easier to use. There are 5 questions. Please complete this as I want you to continue making progress.

      Hull York Leeds

      Adult single £12.50 £15.60 £10.25 return £23.75 £28.50 £19.30

      Child single £8.50 £10.80 £8.25 return £14.90 £17.90 £14.75
      1. Look at the table above

      a. What is the total cost for a return journey to York for one adult and one child?

      b. What is the total cost for a return to Hull and a single to Leeds for two adults?
      2. Michael Schumacher can travel at 166.35 mph in his Ferrari. How far can he travel in 3 hours?

      3. The temperature in the classroom was 21.8 °C. Claire left the door open and the temperature dropped by 3.7 °C. What was the temperature now?

      4. Sarah was 88.49 cm tall when she was 3 years old. By the time she was 18, Sarah had grown a further 83.91 cm. How tall was she when she was 18?

      5. Long-haired Lucy decided it was time for a new haircut. She went to the hairdressers with hair 74.2 cm long. When she left it was 21.6cm long. How much had the hairdressers taken off?

    • Hello Rayyan. Hope your well. I have just seen your awesome work. I must say I am really happy with your work and presentation. We will display it in the Gallery. Keep up the great work Rayyan! I am really happy to hear that you enjoyed this task.

    • Great to see you on here Zoya. Please complete the questions there only about 5. Email your completed work over to me when you have finished. If you need any help let me know. Thank you so much.

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