Wednesday 3rd June: Year 4R Entrepreneur Week – Product Design!

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Hello year 4! Yesterday, you learned all about what it takes to be a great entrepreneur. You looked at some examples of people who have baked their way to success and came up with a business plan of your own. Today we will be focusing on a key part of your baking business…THE PRODUCT.
Product: Something that is manufactured (made) for sale.

Today you will be designing your cake product. You will need to consider the market research you collected yesterday. What is your family’s favourite type of cake? Will you be making cupcakes? or one big cake? What will your cake(s) look like? How will you make them appealing to buyers? The answers to these questions need to inform your cake design today.

For the first task, we will be taking inspiration from The Great British Bake Off! Watch the clips below and answer the questions.
1) What makes a cake a success? (What did the judges like about these cakes?)
3) How did the bakers make their cakes look appealing and exciting?
4) What will be the star ingredient in your cake?
5) Why is flavour important?
6) How will you make your cake(s) stand out?

Follow the link to watch Great British Bake Off Fruit Cake Challenge:

Watch the clip below to see what the judges thought of some very creative ‘illusion cakes’ (cakes made to look like something else…)

DAY 2: Task 2 – Design Your Cake!
Draw and label your cake design- remember it has to look attractive and include information about the key flavours you would like the buyer to enjoy! Have a look at the pictures below for some ideas:

DAY 2: TASK 3 – Marketing: Cake Sale Poster!
Okay, so you have your product design, now you need to ADVERTISE! One of the best ways to do this is to create a colourful poster to attract people to your cake sale. Imagine your cake(s) are going to be sold at the school summer fair. You can draw or use word or pic-collage to create your cake sale poster. Remember, you need to include the following key information:

22 thoughts on “Wednesday 3rd June: Year 4R Entrepreneur Week – Product Design!

  1. 1.they focus on what their doing and also they practise a lot to do it
    3.they add detail to it as they also add attractive decarations (example: sprinkles
    And chocolate chips) star ingredient will be the chocolate chips because I like it.
    5.the flavour is important because it will have taste but if it didn’t I would have a boring taste.
    6.i will make it stand out by making it look attractive by adding lots of key features like I explained in question 3.

  2. To create a successful cake it has to be Creative, have alot of effort put in and taste good.
    They like the imagination the first person put into there cake like how a part of the cake like the salmon roe look different to its taste that was mango.
    They made cakes look different to what they would taste like this is called an illusion cake.
    My star ingredient would be the icing and sprinkles.
    Flavour is important because if you didn’t have flavour in you cake it would taste horrible.
    Using loads my imagination for decoration and design

    • Sounds good, maybe think about putting some colour into it. You are correct the flavour is important when baking. We look forward to seeing the design.

  3. A cake makes a success by creativiting designs like rainbow.
    The judges said the cakes were nice.
    By putting iceing to make it nice.
    Putting flavour in it.
    It tastes more nice with it.
    By doing it by step by step.

    • Mishal, Why do you think the judges liked it? What will your star ingredient be in your cake? Will it be colourful? What will you decorate it in?

  4. 1. The reason that the cakes were a success is because they all put effort into it and worked hard.
    2.They made there cakes appealing and excited by making them look amazing and they put lots of flavour into their cakes so the judges loved them.
    3. A star ingredient would be sweets and chocolates icing and honey or could be cream.
    4.Flavour is important because if there was no flavour it would taste like nothing but with flavour you would taste it.
    5.I would make it stand out by putting fruits cream and sweet stuff anround #

  5. 1.For a successful cake you need to make the type of cake you want. The judges liked the design on the watermelon cake and the taste.
    3. The bakers made it exciting by making many cool designs.
    4. The star ingredient will be the ice cream because my cake is a ice cream cake.
    5. The flavour is important because it gets the taste but if the no flavour then there is no taste.
    6. I will make my cake stand out by add ice cream as icing.

    I will send you my poster and drawing.

    • An ice cream cake sounds good! How will you keep it from melting? Will it be all ice cream or in parts? Will it be colourful with added decoration?

  6. They presented the cake beautifully
    By putting amazing decoration like the watermelon cake.
    I think some lemon and lime flavourings
    Itvis important because it makes the cake tasty.
    They will look colourful.
    Task 2
    I have made a skech of a minion rainbow cake.
    Task 3 i have made a poster

  7. Task 1:
    1. For successful cake is has a good sponge , a tasty flavour and fun decoration .
    2. The bakers made it look appealing by using their creativity and making it something based on things that they like .
    3. I am making two different flavours one is Red Velvet and one is Oreos.
    4. If there is one flavour it won’t be tasty and it will just be bitter.
    5. I will make my Oreo flavoured cup cakes stand out by making a Oreo pyramid and cover it with melted chocolate and crumbled Oreos and make a Twix flag pole using sugared paper and half of a Twix bar.
    I will make my Red Velvet cake stand out by cutting the cake in half with the boutum half I will cover it with vanilla frosting and top it of with oranges. After that I will join the boutum half with the top half. finally with the top of the cake I will cover it with frosting and put oranges and chocolate biscuits.

  8. 1) What makes a cake a success? (What did the judges like about these cakes? They liked it because it was nice and tasty and it wasn’t dry

    3) How did the bakers make their cakes look appealing and excited by
    Trying their best

    4) What will be the star ingredient in your cake? I’ll put flour sugar and
    then mix it up and then put in the oven put some icing on

    5 why is flower importer It’s important because if you didn’t have flour you couldn’t make bread or pancakes

    6) How will you make your cakes stand out? By trying my best

  9. Miss is it wont let me watch task 1 so I will go on task 2

    Task 2
    I drawn a rainbow 🌈 NHS cake

    Task 3
    I will use pic-colloge.

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