Wednesday 6th May- Year 5 Home Learning: PSHE

Good morning Year 5!

Your PSHE work today is to complete Mrs Frankish’ British Values Blog on Individual Liberty, which was posted a little while ago but strangely has no Year 5 children’s comments on it! We can sort this out today though!

Remember to let us know when you have completed the work.

66 thoughts on “Wednesday 6th May- Year 5 Home Learning: PSHE

    • Scarlett, a good idea of having more P.E time as I know sometimes you have a shorter lesson. Maybe have it at another time in the week or rotation to have extra P.E lesson like swimming?

    • Zubeyr, it would be great if you could think of your own idea of what you would like? Think about the lessons you have would you like something more often or less often.

    • Rehan, good idea about having longer P.E sessions especially when you have tournaments. How do you think we can implement this into our timetable?

    • Good idea about more field space Pooja. This would be good for sports day as well. Please complete all learning blogs including Mrs Habib’s.

  1. I have done the blog and this is what I have wrote:
    I would like to have longer swimming 🏊‍♀️session because swimming is good for you and it might help you in the future for e.g Somebody is drowning in the water and you need to help them by swimming to them.

    • Thank you Inaaya. Your response is great!
      Swimming is good for you. Maybe you could do this over the weekend or after school as well at a leisure centre? It is very good for your overall well-being. Yes, a lifeguard is a very important job. Well done!

  2. I think we should have swimming twice a week instead of once a week because p.e is good for you and it will help children have a growth mindset!
    It will. Also help others to not be scared of the pool if they are.
    If this disrupts lessons, we can split the class in half and the one week half the class does it with half of another class then it changes every week with which half of the class goes in!

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