Wednesday project week

Today, 3 red were solving a range of mathematical investigations. Children had to use the appropriate operation to help them solve the problem. Children used chalk on paper, to help them use visual representations of numbers. 

3 thoughts on “Wednesday project week

  1. I love when we did mathmatics questions they were a little bit hard but I solved the problem out they were a bit easy as well for me and my partner

  2. I liked working in groups to solve math problems.s because it a team a d I’m very good at math.
    This is my own question
    Alley the ant has 30 leaves
    He needs to learn his 9 times tables.
    He needs to know what is 9×9 and 13×9.
    How can he work this out.
    Once you find the total to both of them add it up.
    The answer is 198.

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