Wednesday Year 4 – To apply multiplication skills to solve word problems

You have been learning how to use multiplication to solve calculations.

Solve these word problems using the skills and strategies you have learnt so far.

Remember RUCSAC?  

 Use a whiteboard to write down the key information and show your working out!


1. 127 children are going camping. Each child needs 5 pairs of socks for the week. How many pairs of socks will there be?

2.I need 155g butter to make one cake. How much butter will I need to make 6 cakes for the school fete?

3.Juice cartons come in packs of 6. I have 35 packs. How many cartons of juice is that?

4.26 children went to the funfair together. The price for children was £7.00 each. How much did they spend between them?

Challenge: Write a word problem for your partner to solve.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Year 4 – To apply multiplication skills to solve word problems

  1. 127×5=635
    Partners word problem
    Sami bought a car he paid £123 per month he paid for seven months. How much did his car cost? It costs 861
    By abdas and Sami

  2. 1.There were 635 socks left.
    2.I will need 930 butter for the school fete
    3. There were 210 juice cartons.
    4. They spent 4620.

    Inaaya brought a packet of sweets which had 200 sweets,Priya had 30 sweets

    How much did they have altogether?

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