Week 1 in Reception Blue 🚌

We have had another busy week where the children have learnt lots. This week we started our new topic, ’Journeys’. Please take a look at our fantastic learning and leave a comment to explain your favourite part of the week and why.😊

Understanding of the World- To look at different types of transport

PSED – To follow instructions involving several actions

Communication & Language – To discuss the story ’You can’t take an Elephant on the Bus’ by Patricia Cleveland-Peck using full sentences

Expressive Art & Design – To use a variety of art media to create a form of transport

Literacy – To write simple phrases and sentences that can be read by others

SMSC. – To talk about places which are special to us

SEAL – To create a poster about the things I enjoyed in Reception

MATHS – To practically add more

One comment

  1. I really enjoyed learning all about transport this week. My favourite type of transport is a bus because I can sit up high and see the view better.

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