Week 1 Learning In RB

This week we have made progress by matching numbers to quantity, learning about different celebrations and by practising sentences and sounds. 

Which two celebrations did we learn about?

Who was the cause of Bonfire Night? 

How did the owl feel about the dark and why?

3 thoughts on “Week 1 Learning In RB

  1. Well done Delilah this shows you have listened carefully and thought about your learning. Good try, Guy Fawkes was trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament where King James was. That’s correct the owl was afraid of the dark and the other people in the story made the owl feel better about the dark. Well done Delilah please come and collect a prize for a response to your learning!

  2. we learnt about Diwali and bonfire night.martin did a bonfire .it was good i wanted to see some fireworks .guy fauke started bonfire night he got sent to the dungeon because he tryes to blow the queens house up.
    we read a book about an owl he was scared of the dark because he thinks there’s monsters the boys and girls help him they show him there’s nothing to be afraid of they showed him the sky when he was scared he was hiding behind his mum’s back.

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