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Week 1 Literacy homework

This week you have been reading and analysing Myths and Fables, below are two links you must read the Myths of Theseus and the Minotaur and can watch the short video to help you further.

Once you have read the Myth, please answer the questions below in full sentences in your homework books. (Please confirm you have completed this on the blog)

  1. Summarize the key points from the story in as few sentences as possible.
  2.  Describe Theseus
    A) What do you think he looked like?
    B) What kind of personality did he have and how do you know?3. Describe the Minotaur
    A) What do you think it looked like?
    B) What kind of personality do you think it had?

    4. Explain how Ariadne felt and why at the following points in the story:
    A) When Theseus arrived on the island of Crete (where she lived)
    B) When she was left alone by Theseus on the island where they stopped for supplies

    5. Describe the labyrinth (Use your imagination!)

25 thoughts on “Week 1 Literacy homework

  1. Its a myth because monster are not real.
    The mintour is mean selfish and it has no feelings to anybody it only cares about its self.
    The mintour has horns poking out its head its like somebody punched his head it has hair all over his body.
    First when princess Aradine saw Thesues she was in love with him and when she was sleeping Thesuse and the children left her dossing in the island while people were watching.
    When Thesus arrived at the island of crete he was not scared or frighted of the Mintour.
    When they arrived and left the princess Theseus was cursed because Thesues made a promise to her but he broke it.
    scary and terrifying i will be frighted if i met him in the forest

  2. It’s a myth. It’s a long story. It’s an ancient story. There are lots of characters.
    Thesus was very bald and brave.
    He would of looked very Strong.
    He was a bit bossy because he told the army what to do.
    He was very evil and scary.
    He was her big and strong and had Horns.

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