Week 2 Reading Homework

We have been learning about the Stuarts and in particular the monarchs throughout the Stuart times. We have learnt about James I and the reasons why he became king as well as what people thought about him.

Mrs Ahmed and I would like you to research one of the other Stuart monarchs. 

Find out what they did during their time reigning, whether they were liked by others and any other interesting facts. 

Bronze Challenge: Record the facts using sub-headings to separate information.

Please make sure that any of the information you record is written in your own words and not just copied from another source.

Silver Challenge: Write in the style of a diary entry as somebody who lived during the Stuart period.

Gold Challenge: Write a diary entry from the monarchs viewpoint.

You may use the school library to find information, text books in class or research the information yourself at home.

We look forward to reading the facts that you find!



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  1. Dear diary

    I was reined for 24 years and I started in 1603 and my mother is called Mary queen of Scott’s I was the first Stuart and I was really well known in fact the Guy fowks try to blow me up because they thought that I was unfair and I said that they can’t worsh in peace.Not only that but I said I’m as powerful as God (well not really) he tried to use 36 barrels of gunpowder.

    James 1 and Charles 1
    James 1 was a Stuart king. Most people didn’t like him because he showed of his fritter money and servants were very serious about this situation. He was next in throne to be crowned after queen Elizabeth died and he was into plays that Shakespeare wrote. James 1 rescued members of the houses of parliament that Guy Fawkes was going to blow up. Charles 1 only made people follow his religion. He said he was powerful as God. Royalists followed his acts whereas others mostly Catholics disliked him.

  3. James I was king of Scotland until 1603, when he became the first Stuart king of England as well, creating the kingdom of Great Britain.James was born on 19th June 1566 in Edinburgh castle.his mother was Mary, queen of scots and his father her second husband,Lord Darnley.A succession of regents ruled the kingdom until 1576, when James became nominal ruler, although he did not actually take control until 1581. He proved to be a shrewd ruler who effectively controlled the various religious and political factions in Scotland.

  4. When did the stuarts start ?
    The Stuart’s started in 1371 to 1714 .
    Who was the first ruler ?
    James I was the first Stuart roller .

  5. Gold
    James I
    After that Guyed forks tryed to blow paliment down the puritans began shouting at me because I asks my friends for advice can a king do wat he wants to do.i marrie a catholic princess I want to make England a catholic country but they refuse and I try to make a new bible this is the end of my reign.

  6. Gold
    Dear Diary,
    I was born in June 19th 1566 in Scotland to Mary , Queen of Scots, and Henry Stewarts ,Lord Darnley. I was crowned on July 25th by my father ,James VI as a king of Scotland .I was the first monarch to be named king of Great Britain . I got married to Anne the daughter of Fredrick the second and I had three son and five daughters. 5th November 1605 Guy Fawkes and 12 Roman Catholics went down the cellar trying to explode my parliament with 36 barrels of gunpowder. Fawkes plan was to murder me ,my nine year old daughter and Princess Elizabeth luckily his pan failed. He was caught by a person called the beef eater .When I knew I tortured him on the rack until he named the other potters. This plan was known as the ”The Gunpowder plot”. I was so angry for what had happened . In 1607 I granted the common citizenship of English and Scottish person who were born after the accession of James vi . In 1613 my daughter Princess Elizabeth marries Frederick v ,Elector of palatine.

  7. Dear diary Queen Anne

    I first started to reign in 1702.Did you know that I have a sister named Mary II.I was crowned on 23rd April 1702, at Westminster Abbey.I was born on 1665 at st. James Palace,London.I had 16-18 children including miscarriages.George, son of Frederick III of Denmark was the person who I am married to.My uncle is King Charles II.The events of my reign would pave the way for Britain to become an international world power.My mother, step mother and father are all Roman Catholic.I was the last Stuart monarch because not even one of my children survived.Despite my father’s Catholicism, I was brought up as a Protestant.

  8. James IV, King of Scotland
    Dear Diary:
    I am James IV, eldest son of James III. I am normally the leader of the rebels who defeated the troops of James III. I adopted an entirely different policy with the nobles from my father and moreover showed great friendliness towards the lower class.
    I have a largest army to cross the England border and I have defeated English forces led by Lord Surrey in the past. I am liked by people in Scotland as I they think that I am a brave and generous man, and a wise and energetic king. For the first time in a century, I am the king who can speak Latin, French, German, Flemish, Italian, Spanish and some Gaelic.
    I want to begin good relationship with England but it seems difficult with Henry VIII, because Henry VIII saying no you cannot come to England and have peaceful relationship. :)

  9. Gay fawakes was born in york.
    On 13th April 1570. He was convicted of high treason.
    He was caught on 5th November 1605. However he was punished by being hung. And died 31th January 1606

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