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2White Week: 5 Super spellers.

Hasti and Yahya, we are really proud of you this week as you have achieved your first 10/10.

Congratulations to our 23 children that have achieved 10/10. This is our highest sore yet and Miss Smith and Mrs Walker are so happy with you 2 white. We are so pleased that your scores have gone back up from 14.

8 thoughts on “2White Week: 5 Super spellers.

  1. I cannot believe my eyes!! 2 White, you have made me PROUD! I cannot believe that so many of you have achieved 10/10 in your spellings. Well done to Yahya and Hasti, I am so happy to see you achieve your first 10/10! Keep gaining guys πŸ†

  2. What super children we have in 2 White you are all working so hard. I am really amazed at your scores this week. Do you think we can beat this score again next week?

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