Week 7 Homework – 6W

Good Afternoon all. We hope you’ve had a lovely week! Here is your homework for week.

This week you must complete:

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  • Mathletics: You have been set one long division task! If you have not finished previous tasks you must complete these too.
  • TTRS: We would also like you to spend some time on TT Rockstars! Let’s see who can score the most points over the weekend. This will really help some of you with your multiplication!
  • English: I have placed a picture below. I would like for you to write me a setting description. Take this as an opportunity to revisit your prior learning; I would like you to write at least sentences which include a variety of clause types, fronted adverbials, parenthesis, a metaphor and simile! Remember your paragraph should flow!
Spooktastically marvelous setting. #Halloween #haunted_house #Victorian  #house #eerie #creepy #spooky #scary | Creepy houses, Spooky places, Spook  houses

Lastly, we would like you to respond to the blogs. There is the fantastic British Values blog and many others from throughout the week. You don’t need to focus on just the year 6 ones.

46 thoughts on “Week 7 Homework – 6W

  1. Miss I have sent some screenshots as I had been wating on these pages and they would not load up and the other homework crashed one me and didn’t let me go on. I tried this on my laptop uswell and it didn’t work

  2. Crunch! The leaves decapitated as I crossed the road. The house was just a few metres away but I could already feel dread getting closer as it turned to fear. I felt like something waiting for me; I was being lured towards it. The trees swung its branches drastically at me. It was like something was controlling. A light flickered. It was coming from: the front room. I was right, I was being watched…

  3. As I slowly walked towards the house, the leaves crunching under my feet. The broken gates were open, creaking in the wind and felt wet and as cold as ice. On either side were scary gargoyles. It was a dark, cold night. The lightening lit up the house and the thunder made me jump. The house was dark and gloomy. It had narrow broken windows and an open wooden porch, it looked abandoned but it couldn’t be, a light was on in the attic room. I started to sweat with fear and my heart began to beat faster as I continued to walk past the bare trees towards the front door. What was I going to face next? I had already been through enough horror , trying to find my best friend…

  4. I was walking all alone in a dark abandoned forest.When I came across a dark creepy, spooky looking house.Covered in cobwebs and looking as haunted as could be.I was curious and wanted to see if anyone lived there.As I crept towards the front gate, I looked up and saw a shadow of something glaring back at me.

  5. Miss vega i have done my spellings, ttrs, facts about mountains (instead of the grid) and english

    But mathematics I have to do it at school because it doesn’t work at home

  6. There was a gloomy, spooky house in the middle of no were.There was a path in front of the house that you do not wanna go.The broken trees was surrounding the spooky house like solders.It was so dark that u can barely see.Nobody Is living at this nasty place.

  7. I didn’t do a piece of homework from the grid but i drawed a mountain and wrote facts about mountains all around it im going to send it to school now.

  8. He took a slight glimpse at the collapsing house quivering he slowly took a small step. Unusual sounds came from the house. The footpath beckoned me towards the gloomy decrepit house. Mumbling under his breath he entered the building. The house looked like it had not been cleaned in centuries dust over flowed the air “aaah” a ghost appeared…

  9. My setting description
    As she ran across the road she saw a creepy ,old house falling apart.
    It was falling apart, piece by piece she was frightened to move her foot to run away. The grey, gloomy sky groand. Suddenly the door opened creeeeeeeeeeek she was scared to go in, After a mean while the door closed the rain started to pour and pour she soaked so she started to run back home, as she was running home a rock came down flying around her from nowhere…

  10. This dull gloomy, house was broken in pieces shattered smelling awful It was no longer a neighborhood of playing children and executive grass it was a horror to everyone it was scaring everyone calling them back to play.

    I did my homework I will send it in

  11. As me and my roommate gathered and running from the Bear.As we looked back we knew we had no time to waste . We spotted a dark gloomy house. We had no other choice but to go in…

  12. The gloomy , frightening freaky haunted house is stud right in front of me , trying to haunt me! I can see the black dusty door opening .I can feel the cold rain drops dripping on my head. Also, I can see the dull rusty windows that are smashed. Why is this place so dull?
    And who is in the haunted house , what do you think?
    the steps are damp as I slowly walk on them.

    I going to do my grid homework and send it.
    I am also going to do Mathematics.I done some in my homework book.

  13. setting description!

    Loudly, a small, black board crashed to the ground. I turned sharply, but there was nothing there. Confused and scared, I walked on into the rickety old house, I saw a tall wooden gate through the decrepit, wooden windows. It groaned freakishly as strong gusts of wind flew throughout the house. The whole house creaked and groaned, and unknown footsteps were quietly pacing up and down the winding hallways…

  14. he looked at it . Sat . a old decrepid gate looking like in agony . cracked pavement slabs as grey as the sky above were covered by damp, green moss . the depressed grass was a brown jungle of sadness . all this led to was a rotted boundry of where you can look at the discrase of the house . burdening the property was a dismantled roof . it sent shivers down anybodyes spine . whoever crossed its path . Every mailman skidded away from the street as soon as they got a glimpse of the mind bending horror house…

    • This is a strong start Aiva, I know that you know how to use a capital letter so I will assume you have not because of the ipad or being online. Double check where your punctuation should be going. Could you add in some parenthesis?

  15. Setting description
    What i can see is the house is nearly split in half and the trees are all dead and they want to reach back to the sky. Suddenly the door started to open creeeek the door went and then all of the grass turned bronze and the gates broke down…

    • You don’t need to start with ‘What I can see is’; would you do this if the description was in a story?
      Try again, I love your personification and your onomatopoeia, but I did specifically ask for at least 5 sentences :)

  16. My setting description!

    As we both colided into the old , gloomy woods , a shiver was sent down our spine. We felt like somebody was watching us. The old crooked house was sitting in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t know what to do. A creaking , tired gate was staring at us as it eerily opend In front of us as it stared. The ground was brown with disgust and as we walked through the old , crooked door , ther was no escape….

  17. I will send my homework through the file thing in an hour. I have done my math let is and have got a picture of my working out. I will do my grid and English.

  18. I did mathletics now I am doing the setting descripthion.

    I can see tall,old trees trying to stretch for the sky and
    a old,glommy house, which is broken.Its a cold dark evenning.
    Slowly the brown broken ,gate opend . The grass turned into brown
    grass. Slowly old door opend..

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