Week of Inspirational Maths-6B

To help us all settle back into learning, we began the day by completing a fun practical maths lesson. Mr Janjua set us a task of using rope (2 metres) to form shapes. Our learning was pushed by being challenged as to what shapes we formed and what the properties of each shape was. It was lovely to see the children recap their previous learning on geometry. In particular this activity really encouraged us to have a growth mindset! Well done Six Blue for showing resilience and knowledge … keep up the great work!

Session one!

What did you enjoy about today’s activity?

What does it mean if a shape is equilateral?

Session two!

Day two of inspirational maths was based on another mind blowing challenge! In pairs we were asked to complete the matchstick challenge. Everyone used the matchsticks to initially build a 2 by 2 grid. We then calculated how many matchsticks we had used to build this grid. Our next step was to build a 3 by 3 grid and once again we calculated the total number of sticks used. The challenge was set to see if we could establish a link between the number of match sticks used and the number of the grid. As we progressed within our learning we began to see a pattern!

What pattern did you find ?

Could you express this pattern in an algebraic equation?

Session three!

Our challenge today was to draw out 2D shapes and cut them out using only one straight cut. This lesson was a fantastic opportunity for us to recap our previous knowledge on the properties of different shapes. We discussed the properties of the three different triangles (equilateral,isosceles and scalene),quadrilateral shapes and why drawing circles would not work. We all made progress by clearing our misconceptions on the properties of some shapes.


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  1. I liked to work in a calm environment to make shapes which we did not to take of our hands
    Equalatral means all sides are the same length,whidth and height

  2. What did you enjoy about today’s activity?
    I enjoyed making the diffferent shapes with the rope and for a Challenge I liked measuring the area of the shape
    What does it mean if a shape is equilateral?
    If to shapes are equilateral it means they have the same exact fight Angelas,vertacies and sides but the shape is different such as a re tango e and square