6W’s Week of Inspirational Maths!

Lesson 1

For our first day of inspirational maths week, we are looking at 3 D shapes.

We worked together in groups of four to build shapes following the rules set out.
we used mathematical language and vocabulary to discuss each of the shapes we made. What can you tell me about the shapes that you have made?

Lesson 2

For our second day of inspirational maths, we applied our mantra ‘creativity takes courage’ to tackle a unique challenge! We used our knowledge of concrete, pictorial and abstract maths to create the squares. Have a look at our creations below!

What maths tip did you learn today?

Lesson 3

Todays maths lesson is all about having a positive mindset and not giving up.

The challenge was to cut out a shape using only 1 cut with the scissors. First you needed to draw your shape followed by folding your paper several time.r

This takes patience and determination as well as concentration.

Did you succeed today? if not please show perseverance and try again .

What tips can you give to others to help them succeed?


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  1. In lesson 2 I learnt the tip, when you make a square and then another one you are just adding 3 more sticks.
    In lesson 3 the tip I would give to others is make sure all your lines are straight and fold your piece of paper correctly.

  2. A maths tip i learned is that when your doing a maths problem a question you can take your time and answer your question don’t be quick and answer wrong .

  3. we made a square based pyramid which had 5 faces 5 vertices and has 4 right angles in it . we also made a cuboid which has 6 faces and 6 vertices out of rope .

  4. The shapes we made were cube,cuboid,square based pyramid,triangular based pyramid.
    It was very hard because we had to do it with string and we only did it with 1 string.
    The difference between the cube and cuboid is that a cube has equal sides but the cuboid ,2 of the sides are squares and the other rectangles.

  5. In this lesson we created 3 dimensional shapes such as: Cuboid,cube,square based pyramid, triangular based pyramid.
    The hardest shape to create was cube and the easiest was the triangular based pyramid.

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