Weird and Wonderful Animals – Year 1

We are so lucky in Year 1 as we have organised an extremely exciting visit from the animal lady. She will be coming in to our school this Wednesday, bringing lots of interesting animals! This visit has been subsidised by the school and on this occasion will be free for the Year 1 children.

Some of the animals that will be visiting are lizards, snakes, a hedgehog, a spider, a millipede, a skunk, a racoon, birds and a frog.

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Could you please let your class teacher know of any allergies your child may have to these animals. 

There will be no poisonous animals included in the visit. 

All animals are well trained and belong to 

Children will only touch the animals if they wish.


Think of some questions you would like to ask the animal lady! What would you like to learn about these animals?

Can anyone tell me the different animal groups that these belong to? 

Which animals are you excited about?

16 thoughts on “Weird and Wonderful Animals – Year 1

  1. 1.) how these animal find something to eat?
    2.) How frog long to live for?
    3.) Do these animal can talk anything?
    4.) What is it the snake like and dislike?
    5.) Is these all animals friend each other?
    6.) Do they making noise if yes what do sound like?
    7.) Do the animals had family?
    8.) Why some animal can’t live inside in the house ?
    9.) Do lizard will bite me if touch?
    I want to see all these animal what do they looklike also I’m keen see the frog.

  2. Questions for the animal lady.

    1. Are any of these animal poisonous.
    2. Does the snake have any teeth.
    3. Does the spider have 8 legs.
    4. What do frogs eat.

    I am excited to meet the snake and the Spider.
    some of the animal groups are insects-spider and reptiles-lizard.

  3. Weird and wonderful animals


    1) how much does it cost to feed each animal?
    2) do I need any special equipment to put a snake or an racoon in?
    3) can we find any of these animals in the countryside?
    4) can you explain the diet of food each animal eats?
    5) how do you train each animal to behave well?
    6) can I keep some of these animals at home?
    7) do we have to take some of these animals to the vet?
    8) can I pick the animals up and give them a cuddle?

    Some of the animals belong to the reptile group. Such as the frog, lizard and snake.

    The animal that I’m excited about hold the snake and spider in my hand. I watch a lot of wildlife programmes on TV. So we have to handle them with care and not hurt them.

  4. I am really exciting visit from the animal lady.I would like to hold a snake and touch a skunk. We ask a lot of questions to find out more about the animals.

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