Weird and Wonderful Animals – Year 1

We are so lucky in Year 1 as we have organised an extremely exciting visit from the animal lady. She will be coming in to our school this Wednesday, bringing lots of interesting animals! This visit has been subsidised by the school and on this occasion will be free for the Year 1 children.

Some of the animals that will be visiting are lizards, snakes, a hedgehog, a spider, a millipede, a skunk, a racoon, birds and a frog.


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Could you please let your class teacher know of any allergies your child may have to these animals. 

There will be no poisonous animals included in the visit. 

All animals are well trained and belong to 

Children will only touch the animals if they wish.


Think of some questions you would like to ask the animal lady! What would you like to learn about these animals?

Can anyone tell me the different animal groups that these belong to? 

Which animals are you excited about?


12 thoughts on “Weird and Wonderful Animals – Year 1

  1. Miss Carman you are not right because a snake is a reptile, and a racoon is a mammal.

    I am excited about seeing the racoon. I would like to ask the animal lady where the racoon comes from and what they like to eat.

    The animal groups are mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. Millipedes are Arthropods. Spiders come from the animal group Arachnids.

  2. Well done to the children who have answered so far! I’m sure the animal lady will be happy to answer the interesting questions you have asked! I’m so excited to learn lots about the different animals that will be visiting.

  3. Snakes are reptiles.
    Frogs are amphibians.
    Insects are invertebrates.
    Raccoon are mammals.

    I am very excited to touch and see the snake.

  4. I am excited to see lizards, spider, raccoon and frog. I want to touch them too.
    These animals belongs to diffrent group.
    Frog – amphibian
    Hedgehog and Raccoon – mammals
    Lizards, snake and millipede – reptiles

  5. I am so excited about meeting all the animals and especially the snakes.snakes are wriggly reptiles.I would like to ask you this questions?
    Where do the animals live?
    What makes the animals happy?
    Amphibian is an animal that is born on land.

  6. I am so exited to see the snake and lizard and the other animals and I am looking forwads to touch the snake also the lizard.The hedgehog is so cute and so adorable I can not wait to touch it!I want to know what are the animals names and do they give birth to a baby or do they lay eggs or do they already have baby animals.It is a good thing that the snake is trained and the skunk is trained because the snake might have bitten us and the skunk would stink horrible but I a am not scared because all the animals are trained also I am ready to touch the hedgehog.

  7. I am very excited about seeing all these different animals, I am most looking forward to seeing the hedgehogs and racoons. Thank you Miss Sargent for organising this. I want to know what the animals names are. I would also like to know what is the friendliest animal they have.
    I think the snake is a mammal and the racoon is a reptile, am I right year 1?
    Write what you would like to learn about these animals so we can ask the animal lady when she comes to visit us next week. We can tell her what animals and animal groups we have been learning about in science so far, she will think what a very clever year 1 team we are!

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