Welcome back Reception!

Hi Reception,

We hope you have had a safe and happy break. The Reception teachers are very excited to see your smiling faces tomorrow morning.

This term we are learning all about living and growing! This week we are looking at how we grow.

We have two exciting visits lined up for you this week, one from a special newborn baby and one from a crazy toddler so that you can see how humans change from a baby to a toddler to a child.

We would love to see any pictures you have of yourselves as a baby. Please share them with us either using the EYupload email address (the same one you send your homework to) or bring into a school with you tomorrow! Don’t forget to put your name and age if you can on the back of your picture and let your teacher know if you’re happy for the picture to be used on display in the classroom.

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon and see you all in the morning.

Mrs Langley

13 thoughts on “Welcome back Reception!

  1. Thankyou Miss Langley.Rayyan was really excited to see all of his friends and teachers and he got up really early today😅thats how excited he was.I will email Rayyan’s pics.

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