Welcome to Six Red!

What a great start to the week! The sun is shining and the children are beaming! We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

How does our class mantra represent us? “We are mad…We are bonkers! We are completely off our heads! But guess what? All the best people are in Six Red”

Important notices:
*If you have permission to walk home, please bring in a signed letter from your parent/ carer to 6R.
*Reading journals and books will be provided later this week.
*P.E. and swimming will not take place this week.
*It is preferred for year 6 children to be in by 8.30 (Breakfast club is available for all children).
*Hometime is 3.15pm
*Blogs need to be responded to shared with adults at home.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Six Red!

  1. Our class mantra “we’re mad, we’re bonkers we’re conprletly out out of our heads but guess what all the best people are in 6 red” represent us as eager to learn. I think this as our manta has the phrase “we’re completely out of our heads” which could mean we’re gone crazy to learn.

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