Welcome to 5 Blue!

Dear 4 White, soon to be 5 Blue. Just a quick video message from Mrs Khan and I, welcoming you to the space adventure we are going on from 2019-2020, starting from tomorrow! Can’t wait to meet my stars and have an awesome first day as your teacher!

23 thoughts on “Welcome to 5 Blue!

  1. I enjoyed when we did the colouring and make galaxies with Mr Janjua and Miss Khan.I am looking forward to 5B.
    I also enjoyed colouring rockets and knowing mr Janjua.

    From Rehan and Lakeyha

  2. Today what we done is that we did some drawing/ art in the morning and we also did some writing to go on the mantra display. And in the after noon we are going to do some sports which is mini-golf.

    From jawariyah and Ebraheem

  3. Me and shahzaib enjoyed colouring our UFO and our aliens.We also enjoyed
    discussing things about our classroom with Mr Janjua and Mrs Khan.😀🤩

  4. We learned that maturity and perseverance plays a big role in Year 5.
    We liked drawing a picture of the galaxies.We also like colouring picture.

    By Reyyan Nehemia

  5. Mujammil: I’ve had a great time at 5 blue, I espescially enjoyed making galaxies on the black template.

    Damanpreet: l enjoyed making galaxies in 5 blue.

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