Welcome to 6 Blue 2019-2020

Hello and welcome 5W, Miss Ahmed, Mrs Jones and Mr Inman are really excited to meet their new Blue Birds!

Birds of a feather flock together!

The video below shares some highlights of year 6, be prepared for difficult challenges but lots of fun rewards!

We look forward to a day of getting to know one another and taking our first step towards a very successful year ahead!

Please share how you’re feeling about joining the 6B flock?

24 thoughts on “Welcome to 6 Blue 2019-2020

  1. I am extremely excited and looking forward to being in year 6.I think that it will be an experience I’ll never forget since its the last year. :)

  2. I can’t wait to come to 6blue and can’t wait for Drayton manor and dove dale. I can’t wait to do my SATS and have a 🥳 party.

    I also can’t wait to the fiver challenge!!!

    By Omar.A and Qasim.

  3. I am looking so forward to actually start the actual year 6 adventure.the thing I’m looking forward to is the Drayton manor trip as I’m looking forward to getting wet on the water rides and the most daring realer coasters will be definitely be tested by me!

  4. I am excited about the various challenges I will be facing throughout the year.This includes climbing the hill in Dovedale.Things I am not looking forward to are SATs.I know it will be a walk in the park if I listen and learn all of it but that does not make me feel any better.Other than that it is very excited for joining Year 6.

  5. I can’t wait to go to 6 blue and all the fun stuff we will do and the trips we’ll go on.My most favourite thing I am looking forward to is the Draitamana (correct me if I spelt it wrong) and Duvdale.

  6. I am so excited about year 6 and I am most excited about the trips and treats we might get . I am a bit nervous about SATs but I will try my best to getting ready

  7. I am very excited to join 6 Blue because year 6 can be tricky but I know that Miss Ahmed and Mrs Jones will help us a lot regarding revision for SATS. I am also very excited for lots of fun activities to come throughout the year! 😁

  8. I can not wait for year 6 because of all the amazing things you get to do.I am mostly excited about the trips and the fiver Challenge.This year is going to be fun.

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