Welcome to Red 5!

Hi 4A,

It was really good to spend the day with you today. You worked really hard, produced some great work and show yourselves to be brilliant team players. I am really looking forward to teaching you next year :)Blog photo

What was your favourite part of the day?


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  1. I really enjoyed year 5 because we had a lot of circle time so we could share our ideas and our personality. We enjoyed doing the passports and writing our names.Outside we played the drain game and we had a lot of fun we also played the hula- hoop game and we also enjoyed it.

    By Ahlam and Tiya

  2. I really enjoyed red 5. My highlight of the day was when we painted the continent of South America. Also the team building games such as the pipe game. Making passports for year 5red and I enjoyed doing the hoop game.

    Alishba and Gautam

  3. My hands trembled feeling shy and nervous and fear trickled down my spine thinking this would be the most horrific day anybody can have.On the other hand ,things changed as excited filled my cheeks and happiness ran down my lungs.My heart pumped rapidly waiting for the next challenge to arrive.When I first went to Year 5 red I was nervous because I thought it will be horrible.After a while,it was good and it’s was my best day in ever!My favourite part of the day was playing the games because everyone can work as a team which will help in Year 5.Also, I enjoyed making a passport so this would help teachers know me more.
    By Omio and Sania

    • Wow Omio and Sania, this is very descriptive. I’m glad that your day turned out to be the ‘best day ever’. We do know more about you now, I can’t wait to see how well you can play cricket! :)

  4. My highlight of the day was when we were playing the team building games and when we were having all of the circle times.


  5. I really enjoyed my time in year 5,I liked the most painting the continents and decorating my name but the homework is so harder then year 4.

  6. My favourite part of the day was when we filled in our passport’s. My best part of the day was when we played the team games in the MUGA. Thank you Mrs. Mahtani and Miss. Bhandal for an brilliant day.:-) ☺

  7. WOW! I have really enjoyed Transition Day with Mrs Mahtani and Miss Bhandal. It’s been a pleasure working with you today. I have now overcome my fears and I know everyone will be successful next year! My highlight of the day was when we played games outside and our team WON!! I have really enjoyed today. Thank you so much Mrs Mahtani and Miss Bhandal for planning such a great day!!

  8. I had a fantastic day with you all today. I agree with everything Mrs Mahtani said, your handwriting in particular really impressed me. You had positive attitudes, showed great ideas and suggestions for our class mantra and behaved incredibly well.
    Enjoy your time left in year 4, I’ll see you around school! :)

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