Welcome to Summer 2 4W!

Hello 4W, I hope you have had a wonderful half term! What glorious weather we’ve had! This half-term is your last in year 4, so it’s time to keep giving your very best and ENJOY it! I hope we will be able to meet face-to-face before your time in year 4 comes to an end, we miss you all. In the meantime- lets follow the advice we are given and keep gaining with our excellent home learning attitudes!

This week is entrepreneur week, we have some really exciting tasks for you… The year 4 teachers will start posting blogs for you starting tomorrow (Today is a teacher training day). Today, to get your brain warmed up for the new term you could:

1) Play TT rockstars! It’s important we keep these times tables memorised, they will help you in so many areas of maths and will prepare you for year 5 next year!

TTRockstars - Our Lady of Good Help

2) Practise your HANDWRITING! Because we are typing a lot of our work on the blog, our handwriting fingers might be getting a little out of practise… let’s wake them up again. Choose an inspirational quote from the pictures below to write out in your best cursive handwriting. Please write your chosen quote 5 times! You can try rainbow writing if you wish. You must do this on lined paper. Use the letter poster to remind you of the correct letter formation.

Cursive letter formation

21 thoughts on “Welcome to Summer 2 4W!

  1. Miss Phillpotts I can’t do the last 2 because I write with my right arm and my right arm is broken and I’m not allowed to move it but I can do the TTRS.

  2. Hi Miss!
    Hope you are well!
    Thank you for sharing this with me and yes I will play TTRS and practise handwriting!
    Also I really don’t want to move out of Year 4 because I enjoyed this year the most!

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